Do your hearing test online ​

Please note, however, that this hearing screening does not replace the test performed by a hearing care professional.

Our online hearing test allows you to analyse your hearing easily from home.

If you have any doubts about a possible hearing loss, this hearing test is ideal for making an initial assessment before making an appointment with an ENT specialist or a hearing care professional. The test we have set up is quick and takes less than 5 minutes. All you need are headphones or earphones for a correct analysis of the data.

The test we have set up is quick and lasts less than 5 minutes. All you need are headphones or earphones for a correct analysis of the data.

What is too often forgotten is that hearing is a sense that should not be neglected. Indeed, poor hearing can lead to social distance, as you have difficulty hearing the people around you, and can lead to depression (one study showed that 20% of seniors with hearing problems showed many signs of depression).

Poor hearing can also cause the brain to work hard to understand speech and can make you tired.

The World Health Organisation WHO now estimates that more than one billion people around the world have a hearing problem.

As we age, our hearing naturally deteriorates. This phenomenon is called "presbycusis". The phenomenon is most noticeable from the age of 55 onwards and professionals advise regular hearing checks.

Certain external factors can also cause hearing problems, sometimes irreversibly, especially when exposed to high noise levels for a long period of time, which is called noise trauma.

When hearing deteriorates, it is advisable to have it corrected quickly in order to preserve it. If no correction is made, hearing can deteriorate even more rapidly due to lack of stimulation.

There are a number of things that can alert you to a possible hearing loss:

Difficulty following a group conversation

Difficulty hearing particular sounds (e.g. ringing)

An abnormal need to increase the volume of your electronic devices (television, telephones, etc.)

Regular tinnitus (whistling, ringing in the ear)

Although hearing loss is more common in older people, it affects all age groups. It is therefore advisable to have your hearing checked if you have any of these symptoms.

Before starting the online hearing test, make sure you are in a quiet place. You should also use headphones and set the volume to 50%.

The test will start with some general questions about your hearing in order to refine the screening.

2. Next, a tone test will be performed. This will consist of an analysis of the minimum threshold of sound detection. A total of three sound frequencies will be tested per ear.

3. At the end of the online hearing test, you will be asked for an email address so that the results can be sent to you by email. The results will also be displayed on the test page.

The test result is broken down into four types: Good Hearing, Fair Hearing, Inconclusive Fair Hearing, and Poor Hearing.

Depending on the results, you can ask to be called back for a more comprehensive hearing assessment, or make an appointment with a hearing care professional.

The test has been designed by hearing specialists. It is designed to give you an overall picture of your hearing, but it does not replace a full hearing test by an ENT specialist.

There are two possibilities:

- If the result of your test indicates that your hearing is good, then don't worry, you will simply need to have further hearing tests from time to time to monitor your hearing;

- If the result indicates moderate hearing problems or poor hearing, we advise you to make an appointment with an ENT specialist to confirm the hearing loss and to advise you on the best choice to make (wearing hearing aids).

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