How to choose hearing aid batteries

Which hearing aid battery should I choose ?

There are 4 types of zinc air hearing aid batteries to choose from: 10, 13, 312 and 675.

All brands of hearing aid batteries are compatible with your hearing aid, so if you are using Amplifon type 10 batteries, you can replace them with Rayovac R10 hearing aid batteries without any problems.

All hearing aid batteries have the same voltage, so there is no risk of damaging your hearing aid when you change battery brand.
They are like traditional batteries in that if your radio uses AA batteries, you can use whichever brand, as long as you have the right size.

Every battery is recognisable by 2 things: its reference number (10, 13, 312 or 675) and its colour code.

The number is often accompanied by letters (A, PR, ZA, p, etc.). These letters are not important and are just used to differentiate between manufacturers.

Audika, however, is the only brand not to follow these standard codes.

Instead of 10-type batteries, they sell R460+ ones. The table below will help you to find the right battery.

Each type of battery has its own colour code:

  • Yellow for 10 hearing aid batteries
  • Orange for 13 hearing aid batteries
  • Brown for 312 hearing aid batteries
  • Blue for 675 hearing aid batteries

Note on batteries for cochlear implants:

Cochlear implants use type 675 batteries.
Several manufactures have developed a special 675 battery for cochlear implants, as they require a lot of energy.

All 675 type batteries will work for an implant, but special implant 675 batteries will last longer and provide better-quality results.

You can choose between EarPower 675 Implant, Rayovac 675 Cochlear Plus or PowerOne 675 Cochlear.
EarPower Implant batteries provide excellent results for a very affordable price. Meanwhile, Rayovac, Duracell and PowerOne are significantly more expensive (even though, technically, they are not more expensive to make), but they offer better battery life for your money than ordinary 675 batteries.

Distributor brands :

Distributors do not make hearing aid batteries: they distribute hearing aid batteries made by one of the 3 or 4 big manufacturers in the world (Rayovac, PowerOne, etc.).

These batteries are then packaged in packets with the distributor’s brand printed on them (Audika, Amplifon, Entendre, etc.)

If you are using Amplifon batteries, you are actually using ones made by... PowerOne. The same goes for Entendre, while Audika batteries are really Rayovac.

Can’t find the right battery ?

Contact us with the exact reference of your current batteries and we will let you know which batteries are compatible.

Please note that we cannot identify the type of battery you need for each kind of hearing aid. Therefore, please do not email us asking which battery you should use for a certain hearing aid.

There are thousands of different hearing aid models out there, so we are unable to find the right batteries according to the hearing aid brand. If in doubt, the easiest solution is to contact the manufacturer of your hearing aid.