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TV headphones

Find the widest range of amplified TV headphones here.

For senior citizens, people with a hearing impairment and people with a hearing aid or cochlear implant.
All the big brands are available at Audilo: Sennheiser (Germany), Amplicomms (Germany), Geemarc (France), TV EARS (USA).
There are several types of TV headphones available: HiFi TV headphones, FM TV headphones and infrared TV headphones.

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Wireless TV headphones to hear the TV loud and clear

The function and composition of TV headphones:

These amplified headphones for watching television are a portable system with which you can adjust the sound on the TV separately from the volume in the headphones. And all without wires!

Our TV headphones Are made up of an transmitter base connected to an audio source (TV, radio, MP3, etc.) and a wireless receiver headset that captures the sound with its own separate settings (tone, volume, balance).

TV headphones for people with a hearing impairment work using different kinds of technology: infra-red (the cheapest), where the signal goes directly to the headphones but the wearer must be in the same room and facing the base; HiFi, with a high radio frequency and a reach of between 15 and 40 metres, even through walls; and FM, Sennheiser’s preferred technology, for a maximum reach of 100 m through walls.

Senior amplified TV headphones use rechargeable batteries for quick charging and a longer usage time.
Once the battery comes to the end of its life, you don’t need to buy a whole new TV headset system, just a new rechargeable battery, thus saving money.

TV headphones are connected via the SCART socket, the 3.5 mm jack or the RCA socket (red and white). Some headphones offer an optical connection for modern TVs.

The different types of TV headphones:

TV headphones come in all shapes and sizes. Some are worn around the neck, so that the earphones go in the ears and the weight of the headphones doesn’t rest solely on the ears, which may be unpleasant for some.

There are also TV headphones compatible with the T position on a hearing aid.
This kind of device is worn around the neck, but you don’t need to put the earphones in your ears, as you will receive the sound from the television directly in your hearing aids.

You will also find traditional TV headphones that go on your ears, with the weight of the headphones resting on your head.
However, the models we offer are lightweight, thus minimising any discomfort.
These are the best-selling headphones on this market. All the headphones mentioned here are designed to offer optimal comfort.

In our search for quality, we always select the brands that offer the best performance.
So, at Audilo, you will find TV headphones by the most innovative, highest-quality brands in this field, such as Sennheiser, GeeMarc and Amplicomms.