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Geemarc is specialised in the manufacture of telephones for the hearing impaired and the elderly

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Geemarc, the specialist in senior and hearing-impaired phones and TV headsets

Geemarc is a company which specialises in cordless, corded and mobile phones for people with hearing impairments.

So Geemarc wanted to develop their market around people with reduced hearing, from there, they started to create all kinds of amplified and vibrating products for the elderly and the hearing impaired (all products are mostly compatible with hearing aids thanks to the T position)

Here is an overview of the Geemarc product range:

Geemarc Alarm Clocks (also sold under the name Sonic Alert):

These alarm clocks have distinctive features making them perfectly suitable for the hearing impaired.
They have a very powerful vibrating device, flashing light (depending on the model) and an amplified ringer (can go up to 80 decibels) so that you can be woken up at the desired time.

  • Geemarc Wake & Shake
  • Sonic Bomb
  • Sonic Boom
  • SBP 100
  sonic-bomb-sonic-alert sbp100-sonic-alert

Geemarc TV headsets:

  • Geemarc CL7310
  • Geemarc CL7400
  • Geemarc CL7200
  • Geemarc CL7100
  • Geemarc CL7160

These TV headsets include the latest technology in terms of sound and signal strength.

With Geemarc headsets you will be able to hear perfectly reproduced sound, you will also be able to connect the TV headset to the television, without preventing the people around you from watching it.

An adjustment wheel also makes it possible to adjust the sound inside the headset separately from that of the television which makes amplified listening possible.

Geemarc Phones

Geemarc corded landline phones:

  • Photophone 100
  • Photophone 200
  • AmpliDect 355
  • PhotoDect
  • AmpliPower 40
  • AmpliPower 50
  • CL100
  • Combi 355

All of these phones have been designed for the hearing impaired and/or visually impaired.

Geemarc phones are specialised in amplifying the ringer and sound without a loss in quality, they have large keys to avoid typing errors and most of them have quick call keys as photos on the phone base.

Geemarc Mobile Phones:

  • CL8350
  • CL8500
  • CL8450

These phones which are practical and easy to use provide amplified sound during your conversations and they also have an amplified ringer.

They have an SOS button to warn your loved ones quickly if necessary.

Other Geemarc Telecom accessories:

To complete its product range, the brand sells mobile phone accessories such as:

Hands free kits (CL HOOK 1, 2, 3 etc.).
Amplifiers and audible warning devices for non-amplified phones.