Vibrating watches & alarm clocks

Browse our amplified alarm clocks, with flashing light and vibrating cushion, to wake you up gently but effectively.
Then there are vibrating watches, which allow you to programme up to 12 alarms per day: perfect for taking medication at certain times!
You will find a selection of Amplicomms and Sonic Alert (Geemarc) alarm clocks, as well as watches by VibraLite and Serene!

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Alarm clocks and watches for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment:

Audilo is not just about hearing protection. As part of our mission to meet our customers’ needs, we are always looking for new products that will improve your hearing.

Here, you will find a selection of everyday objects that will help you day to day, and this starts from the moment you wake up.

Amplified vibrating alarm clocks?  

Most alarm clocks do not offer sound amplification or a vibrating function, but if you look hard enough and find the right brands, you will come across some technological gems.

That is what we have done, and we have put together a range of vibrating amplified alarm clocks.

But what makes them better than traditional alarm clocks?

Most of our alarm clocks for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment are made up of two parts.
There are alarm clocks accompanied by a vibrating cushion, to be placed under your pillow.
As well as the amplified alarm, you will be woken up gently by its vibrations.
Some of our alarm clocks also feature a flashing light.
This way, your alarm clock will wake you up using several of your senses (sight, touch and hearing).
You can deactivate some of the alarm clock’s functions in the settings, which are easy to configure.

The display screens are big enough for you to read the time easily, even from a distance.

The alarm clocks we offer are available in various formats: a fixed format for the home and a portable format for travel.

What about watches?

On our website, you will find Vibralite watches.

Some people with hearing loss may not hear their watch if its alarm goes off. To deal with this problem, some brands have decided to combine the alarm’s sound alert with vibrations.
This way, if you don’t hear the alarm, you will feel the vibrations coming from the watch.

This can be configured at certain times. The watches at Audilo are easy to use and designed for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment.
Our amplified vibrating watches for senior citizens are available in a range of colours and come with different features, depending on the model.