Hearing protection

Your environment can often be noisy. Hearing protection is there to help you.

Most of the time, we don’t know that this noise can be dangerous for our health, and it’s not easy to measure how many decibels it is reaching. Audilo can advise you on different noise levels and offer affordable solutions: Whether you need basic or active ear defenders, disposable or made-to-measure ear plugs, you will find the right hearing protection for you among our range of hundreds of items.


  • By category

    Hearing protection differs depending on your morphology, which changes according to age. Find what you need in our selection, whether you are looking for ear defenders for babies or other hearing protection for adults.

  • According to use

    Each ear plug is used for a different purpose. Whether it is reusable or disposable.
    Everything is designed to fit the situation and to meet high quality standards, so that your hearing is protected and your ears are kept safe.

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    Find the right hearing protection solution for you from our range of hearing protection on promotion. This page is updated every month with new promotions on new products!

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