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Ear hygiene

Audilo offers a comprehensive range of ear hygiene solutions.
Find the products that will help to prevent ear canal irritation, such as sweet almond oil, and ear sprays to gently clean your ears.
All the big brands are available at Audilo, including Audispray for adults and children and the Quies Docuspray and Doculyse solutions.
Good hygiene is especially important when you’re surrounded by the noise and pollution of the city. Good hearing starts with good ear hygiene.

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There are better ear hygiene products out there than the cotton bud!

Many think that the only way to clean your ears is with a dry or wet cotton bud.
But there are products available that clean your ears thoroughly and protect your hearing. 
As Audilo specialises in hearing, we want to shine a light on the products that will really clean your ears without damaging them. 


Having clean, healthy ears starts from a young age, so there are ear cleaning sprays for adults, children and babies.

Audispray and Quies are the leading ear hygiene spray brands, and are used as an alternative to cotton buds.

Some people cannot stand the feeling of the cotton bud in the ear canal, so sprays are the best solution.

What’s more, these products remove wax, while the cotton bud removes part of it but can also push wax further into the ear and create a blockage. 

Ear picks: 

Some swear by their cotton buds, but it is worth knowing that there is a similar option available, known as ear picks.

So what’s the difference between cotton buds and ear picks? 

Cotton buds are disposable, while the ear pick is made from metal, and is therefore reusable. It will remove wax from your ears more easily than an ordinary cotton bud.
The metal ear pick has a hollow, curved shape. You can therefore remove the wax easily and prevent the formation of wax plugs thanks to its hollow shape.

Alternatively, Quies has invented a compromise between the metal ear pick and the cotton bud.

It is called the Otospoon, and has one cotton wool end (like the cotton bud) and one cup-shaped end (like the ear pick). This product is single-use.

Other ear hygiene products

We offer other products, which we call maintenance products, such as the Cedis ear care gel, which looks after the ear canal.

Meanwhile, other products are available to help those who suffer from tinnitus.