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How can I make my hearing aid batteries last longer?

Hearing aid batteries’ life span can vary depending on several criteria: your hearing aid’s amplification level, the number of hours you use it for, and your sound environment. So, several factors can influence how long a hearing aid battery lasts. For optimum battery life, here are a few simple tips:

  • Keep your hearing aid batteries in a dry place at room temperature: not too warm, not too cold (not in the fridge). If the battery is left in a warm place, when you remove the tab, some glue might stay stuck to the battery, thus preventing the air from circulating in the battery properly. Use a cloth to wipe off this residue.
  • Do not remove the tab from the hearing aid battery until it is about to be used. Then, once you have removed it, wait 1 minute before using the hearing aid battery.
  • Do not bring the hearing aid battery into contact with metal, as this may cause a short circuit.
  • Open your hearing aid’s battery drawer when it is not in use.

If you follow these steps, you can make your hearing aid batteries last longer. When comparing the battery life of your hearing aid batteries, don’t forget to ensure surroundings with similar conditions (temperature and environment).

There is a wide range of hearing aid battery brands available; this can also affect your hearing aid battery’s life span.
Rayovac hearing aid batteries are made in England and are the best-selling hearing aid batteries in France. Meanwhile, Powerone batteries come from Germany and have an exceptional battery life.
Earpower is a hearing aid battery brand made by Zenipower, while Duracell Activair is also made in Germany.
To help you choose, try out different hearing aid brands through our trial packs (1 packet of each brand).

Good to know: Since 2015, hearing aid batteries have been 100% mercury free in Europe, so each manufacturer has prepared and adapted their production tools to respond to the market’s needs.