Ear defenders

Take a look at our comprehensive range of ear defenders.

Ear defenders for all ages. From birth to 18 months, the Earmuff ear defenders are sure to leave you totally satisfied.
For children, try the EDZ Kidz or Peltor Kids ear defenders.
For adults, whether it's for construction work, DIY, concentration or sleeping, we offer ear defenders in various shapes with different noise reduction levels, from 20 dB to 37 dB.
The 3M range with Peltor and Moldex will protect you from dangerous noise levels. For professionals, schools and bulk orders, we offer specific prices.

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Ear defenders offer effective protection against loud noise

Whether they are for noisy neighbours, DIY or leisure activities, Audilo ear defenders are accessible for everyone. The casings lined with high-performance insulating foam stop sounds from circulating in the ear canal and damaging the eardrum. You can choose the ideal ear defenders for you according to your age (adult, child, baby), their size and your activity.

Yes, there is hearing protection for all ages, even babies. Their noise reduction levels depend on the type of ear defenders and how you use them.

Ear defenders for hunting do not offer the same features as ear defenders for use on a construction site, for example.

That is why there are so many different ear defenders out there.
It is up to you to find the hearing protection that fulfils your needs.

It can hard to choose between the different noise reduction levels, foldable and non-foldable ear defenders, professional ear defenders, etc.