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Pluggerz Hearing Protectors and Earplugs

Active filters

Pluggerz is a brand specialising in the manufacture of earplugs.

This company’s goal is to provide products that are as close as possible to what the customer wants in terms of hearing protection.

That is why they decided to develop a whole range of small and discreet hearing protectors in the form of earplugs which are suitable for various everyday situations.

The decision was made to only focus on reusable products with quality materials.
From there, the silicone filtered earplugs were born.
They are resistant and allow you to protect your hearing thanks to the earplug filters which enable decibel levels, that could be unpleasant and dangerous, to be reduced.

The filters have various features depending on the product you choose, for example if you go out to a party, the music can sometimes turn out to be too loud, you should go for the concert earplugs (Pluggerz music) which will reduce sounds which are too high-pitched and/or too deep while maintaining excellent listening quality.

If you are going to the pool, protect your children’s ears with swimming earplugs, especially if they have grommets.
Don’t neglect your hearing!