3M earsoft FX

3M E-A-Rsoft FX foam ear plugs (-39 dB)

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3M E-A-Rsoft FX foam ear plugs

3M EarSoft FX – expanding polyurethane foam ear plugs offering noise reduction of 39 dB.

The 3M Ear Soft FX offer the highest noise reduction you will find on the ear plug market.
They are compatible with all PPE (personal protection equipment) and are suitable for prolonged use.

Functions :

Like all ear plugs, the 3M Earsoft FX offer effective insulation against the noise around you. You will hear almost no sound. These characteristics make them the ideal ear plugs for a good night’s sleep.

The FX ear plugs are made from hypoallergenic foam with powerful noise-reducing properties. The shape of these ear plugs combined with their material (soft foam) means they adapt easily to all ear canals and are comfortable to wear.

The comfortable foam and tapered shape make them easy to insert and ensure they adapt to the ear canal. These non-irritant ear plugs are favoured by many over the classic Quies ear plugs, which offer a lower noise reduction level. They adapt easily to all ears.

They are perfect for sleeping at night, as they do not put pressure on the ear (so you can sleep on your side).

Tip: you can try out several types of ear plug as part of a trial pack or buy a small quantity of a few, then buy your preferred ear plugs in bulk (box of 200 pairs). This will work out cheaper. For hygiene reasons, all pairs are individually wrapped.

These ear plugs are suitable for loud noises such as snoring at night and noisy neighbours, or for occasional use during DIY, hunting, motor sports and flights, and for when you need to concentrate.

Characteristics :

  • Highest protection level on the market: SNR 39 dB
  • Everyday comfort
  • Non-irritant
  • Individually wrapped in a plastic packet
  • Compliant with EN 352-2.

How to use :

Knead the ear plugs until making them into a cone shape, so that you can easily insert them into your ear.
Then, allow the ear plugs to go back to their original size to ensure optimal protection for your ears.

These cordless ear plugs are bell-shaped and made from ultra-soft, slow-recovery foam so that they seal the ear canal and offer reliable hearing protection
- Each pair of ear plugs can be kept to be reused in their polyethylene bag.
- The flange part at the end makes them easy to insert and remove.

Uses :

  • Concert
  • Construction work, DIY, multi-purpose
  • Hunting
  • Flights, resting while travelling, etc.
  • Concentration: open-space working
  • Sleeping (snoring, noisy neighbours)

What will you receive ?

  • 1 pair per packet
  • Sold as a pack of 30 pairs or a box of 200 pairs: it’s up to you
Data sheet
Noise reduction
Very high (31 dB +)
Ear plugs
Building work
Use as ear plugs
One use
Conformity guarantee

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