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Audilo provides various Audispray cleaning sprays.

Audispray products are made up of a 100% natural hypertonic seawater solution.

There are different sprays suitable for children and adults.

  • Audispray Adult:

1-2 sprays per ear, 2-3 times per week.
For hearing aid wearers, it is recommended to use Audispray every evening after removing the devices (to prevent the hearing aids from malfunctioning and excess earwax)

  • Audispray Junior
  • Audi Baby

Audi Baby single doses can prevent earwax plugs from forming, the single dose is perfectly suited for children, one single dose for both ears per week. This product is an alternative to a cotton bud

We wanted you to take advantage of this through our website, so you have the choice between the cleaning spray for babies, children and adults. A family pack is also available!

Audispray action in the ear canal:

You can replace the traditional cotton bud with the Audispray solution or use both.

In fact, with a cotton bud you remove some of the earwax and furthermore you push the earwax into your ear canal.

Audispray softens and dissolves the earwax in your ear canal, which is sometimes inaccessible, so removing the earwax will be easier.

With prolonged use of Audispray products you prevent earwax plugs from forming and therefore avoid hearing loss or earplug-related hearing problems.