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Hearing aid batteries 10

Audilo has been the most affordable specialist for hearing products since 2008.

Hearing aid batteries 10 are special batteries used in hearing aids. Hearing aid batteries are small, have a round shape and are made exclusively for hearing aids. They are therefore short-lived and need to be replaced at the end of their life. The life of a battery depends on various factors, such as the quality of the battery, the device used and the brand of the battery. It is therefore essential that users always carry spare batteries.

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Hearing aid batteries 10 are yellow, the colour of the batteries varies depending on the hearing aid's model.

Batteries for hearing aids 10: These batteries can be used in some in-ear devices as well as some small behind-the-ear devices. It has a larger surface area but is still relatively small and thin, so it can be used in hearing aids. In this way, the battery compartment of behind-the-ear devices can be made thinner and offers a more aesthetic appearance. The most common brands of hearing aid batteries 10 are Audilo, Duracell, Rayovac, EarPower and PowerOne.

How do hear aid battery work?

The hearing aid batteries are mercury free, with a zinc-air technology, that works on a simple principle: air enters through holes in the surface of the battery and reacts with the zinc inside.

The result of this chemical reaction is the energy needed for your hearing aid. To ensure that this reaction takes place when it is needed, the holes are sealed at the factory with a coloured protective film (also called a tab).

The protective film prevents air from entering the battery and reacting with the zinc. After removing the protective film and inserting the batteries into the hearing aid, there may be a delay before the power supply is restored, depending on the battery used. Be careful not to remove the film when you don't use the battery.

How do you store hearing aid batteries correctly?

When you are not using the hear aid battery, they should be stored in a place that is neither too cold nor too warm; an average room temperature is ideal. It is also important that the protective film is not damaged, otherwise your hearing aid battery may react with the air, it will be activated even if you are not using and it will consume energy.

Where can I find hearing aid battery?

Audilo has been the specialist in affordable hearing aid batteries since 2008. To see more products, please visit this link, where you can also see different hearing aid batteries.