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  • Ear hygiene

    Audilo offers a comprehensive range of ear hygiene solutions.
    Find the products that will help to prevent ear canal irritation, such as sweet almond oil, and ear sprays to gently clean your ears.
    All the big brands are available at Audilo, including Audispray for adults and children and the Quies Docuspray and Doculyse solutions.
    Good hygiene is especially important when you’re surrounded by the noise and pollution of the city. Good hearing starts with good ear hygiene.

  • Blood pressure monitor

    How to find the best blood pressure monitor for you

    Blood pressure monitors are a type of instrument used to measure blood pressure. These devices can be found in doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and research hospitals. For many years now, blood pressure monitors have even been available to buy for use at home. Blood pressure monitors are probably the most precise way of measuring blood pressure, but it is important to remember that this medical device cannot replace the opinion of a medical professional.

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