Home automation


  • Security and Alert

    In this category, you will find door bells and alarms for all uses: telephones, flashing door alerts and even smoke detectors or lost object alarms!
    These powerful visual alerts can be equipped with vibrating systems for extra effectiveness and greater peace of mind.

  • Smart vacuum cleaner
  • Vibrating watches &...

    Browse our amplified alarm clocks, with flashing light and vibrating cushion, to wake you up gently but effectively.
    Then there are vibrating watches, which allow you to programme up to 12 alarms per day: perfect for taking medication at certain times!
    You will find a selection of Amplicomms and Sonic Alert (Geemarc) alarm clocks, as well as watches by VibraLite and Serene!

  • Induction loop

    An (amplified) induction loop allows people with a hearing impairment to receive the sounds amplified by the loop directly in their hearing aid, if it is equipped with the T position.

    Loops may be installed at home (on the television, for example) or in public places (kiosks, reception counters, etc.).You can find a selection of induction loops for all uses here: telephone, television, public assistance, installation in venues...

  • Vibrating baby monitors

    Here on Audilo.co.uk, you will find a selection of vibrating baby monitors, with or without video function, so that you can look after your child with complete peace of mind. All the big brands are available: Geemarc (France), Amplicomms (Germany), Philips (Netherlands) and even the famous Lisa systems (Humantechnik).

  • Professional...

    Did you know ?

    From 2015 onwards, every public-facing establishment has been required to be adapted for people with disabilities.
    Our company, Audilo, specialises in B-to-B services, providing products for the installation of made-to-measure induction loops in large rooms.
    Whether you want to kit out a reception counter, equip a large room for a one-off event or permanently, prepare a guided tour or make your establishment secure, you will find all the products professionals and fitters require here.

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