We all need to start somewhere. So, when you’re looking for a professional microphone to record or sing online, you need to know the options open to you. We have put together a selection of professional microphones to optimise your recording sessions, whether at home or in the studio. With our expert microphones, you will notice superior-quality voices in the mix.

We have included a range of options from across the market and highlighted how to use these specialist microphones, whether you’re using them for recording voices, singing live or recording instruments like guitars, drums, brass instruments, etc.

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What kind of mic do I need?
Here is a snapshot of the microphones available for amateurs and professionals
What is a recording microphone?
A studio or recording microphone is designed to record the voice and a wide range of instruments.

It can be used outside of a traditional studio: in your home, for example.

Want to record a podcast? Voice over? Songs? A guitar piece? You must be looking for a studio microphone.

What are the specific attributes of the average studio microphone?

Excellent for a wide range of applications
Condenser capsule
XLR connector
Requires 48 V phantom power
Which LEWITT microphone do I need?
First, you need to think about what you want to record.

Microphones for voice recording.
If you want to record voices, the usual option is a condenser microphone.

This transducer technology captures a lot of information and is extremely sensitive to your voice. All your voice’s details, even when singing or speaking quietly, can be captured effortlessly.