Employees with disabilities

In the Employees with disabilities section, you will find the work station arrangements available to ensure better ergonomics for employees. The aim is to offer products that make life easier for people with disabilities. Work and disabilities are totally compatible, but the right balance of arrangements must be found. For more information or a quote, please contact us in the ‘Contact us’ section on our website.

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Years ago, workstations were designed for people without a disability, thus causing businesses to miss out on the unique perspective employees with disabilities have to offer. Now, mentalities have changed, and it is more commonplace for people with a disability to be welcomed and catered for in the workplace. Their workstations need to be adapted in terms of ergonomics and safety: for example, people with a hearing impairment must be able to hear or see fire alarms and other alerts and people with disabilities must be able to communicate and move around easily. Here you will find all our hearing accessibility products to accommodate people with a hearing impairment.