Bluetooth headphones

Latest generation Bluetooth headsets

The Bluetooth headsets marketed by Audilo are not classic audio headsets.

Some allow you to listen to music and talk on the phone by bone conduction, while others allow you to attenuate ambient noise and protect your hearing thanks to a volume limiter (thus avoiding the risk of irreversible hearing loss).

Similarly, some models allow you to hold a face-to-face conversation while eliminating ambient noise with directional microphones that pick up the sounds in front of you.

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Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetooth headsets we offer are at the cutting edge of technology.

The quality of the headphones we offer will allow you to have freedom of movement thanks to the wireless system which does not degrade the reception and the quality of the sound.

The first goal is to preserve and protect your hearing, the headphones present on Audilo are made in this sense, to obtain a good sound rendering while preserving your hearing during a prolonged listening. Some even have an ambient noise reducer.

Several types of bluetooth headsets

The shokz bone conduction headphones are intended for sports use, but also if you want to be aware of the outdoor environment. 

Several brands like sennheiser bluetooth headphones or hama are supra-aural or circum-aural headphones that you can use for any activity. These wireless headphones are of excellent quality for enjoying music or television. 

Just like wireless headphones, bluetooth headphones can be used in any situation. With a long battery life and a charging case, HD sound, they will become a must-have for everyone.