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Hearing Protectors and Ear Defenders - Peltor

Peltor is a world leader in the field of communication equipment and head and face protection.

Over 50 years of developing and manufacturing hearing protection has placed us at the forefront of safety, comfort and aesthetics.

Among our innovations, many result directly from our ability to listen to users. Their experience and our expertise forms an invincible combination in our ambition to create safe and stimulating work environments.

As a member of the 3M international group, Peltor has access to significant research and development resources. Our customers are professionals in the manufacturing, military, aerospace, forestry, agricultural and motorsports industries.

By focusing on functions and design, we create sophisticated, comfortable and safe communication solutions which are enjoyable to use. Our products are aimed not only to protect but also to make communication between people in the workplace easier.

Peltor is the optimum solution for authentic professionals!

Ear defenders from Peltor

At Peltor there are 3 series of ear defenders which are: Peltor Optime 1, 2, 3, the Peltor X1A, X2A, X3A, X4A, X5A and the Peltor WS

Peltor Optime:

The Peltor Optime series are ear defenders principally designed for construction sites, they reduce the decibel level excellently.
These ear defenders have a curved shape with adjusters so that they stay in place on the user’s head.

Peltor X:

The Peltor X series ear defenders are mainly intended for individuals who regularly need ear defenders.
The shape of the headphones is rather flat which allows them to stay on well, the plastic frame means they don’t itch when you put them around your neck.

The material of these headphones is pleasant to the touch.
In terms of decibel attenuation, the Peltor Optime and Peltor X headphones are both as efficient as each other, it all depends on the desired attenuation level and the chosen model.

Peltor WS:

These are high-end ear defenders from Peltor, these are known as connected headphones with several internal electronic functions (radio, Bluetooth, telephone call, sound amplification, mute, etc.) the functions are different, depending on the model.

These are high quality and efficient headphones, the tests that we carried out at Audilo have impressed us.