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Baby ear defenders

Baby ear defenders are increasingly common to take care of your baby's hearing from an early age. As babies' ears are fragile, exposure to noise can be dangerous in the short or long term for your child.

Why use baby hearing protection?

Babies are also exposed to loud noises just like us. Whether during travel, concerts, fireworks, construction work or everyday activities, our children will always be confronted with more or less aggressive noise, so it is important to know that there are several ways to protect their hearing. The noise in our everyday environment varies between 30 and 90 dB; a busy street, for example, can reach 80 decibels. Ideally, it is recommended that the child is not exposed to an environment with more than 60 dB.

Noise can also be a source of stress for a child, so hearing protection avoids interfering with the child's cognitive development and sleep by creating a quiet environment. 

There are several brands of noise cancelling headphones for sale, such as Alpine and EMS.

What are the risks?

Babies perceive sounds even before they are born. These sounds will follow them throughout their development. However, noise pollution is also present from the moment your baby is born. There are many risks to consider, such as hearing fatigue, which manifests itself as a feeling of blocked ears. It also affects sleep disturbance, which is one of the most important developmental factors for a newborn baby. Tinnitus, stress and ringing are also to be expected with overexposure to noise. Deafness can also occur with extreme and prolonged exposure. 

Which kiddy earmuff?

- Ear muffs with headband

The headband earpiece consist of two shells that are placed on the child's ear, as well as an elasticated headband that wraps around the child's head to secure the shells. These earmuffs respect the morphology of very young children, as their heads are still forming. 

Very comfortable, your child will no longer be bothered by unwanted noises. When the comfortable noise-cancelling headphones are placed in the pram, they give your baby the impression of being in a cocoon, and he or she can even sleep peacefully without being disturbed by noise. 

These noise cancelling headphones can be worn by babies up to 18 months. 

The advantages of these headphones are their comfort and fit. The headband stays in place without disturbing your baby. 

The Alpine brand offers several products in the Muffy Baby series. With a noise reduction of 23 dB and a soft, elastic and adjustable headband, these headphones provide effective hearing protection for your child's development. 

The EMS4bubs earmuffs reduce noise by 25 dB. The comfortable earmuffs are also a perfect hearing protection baby 1 month and up. The brand offers many different types of headbands.

- Ear muffs with headband 

The noise cancelling headset with headband is also suitable for the very youngest. Classic and comfortable, this version fits over the head for a stable and adjustable fit. It also has foam around the entire headband so it won't disturb your child. 

These noise-cancelling headphones can be used for many years thanks to their ability to adapt as your child grows. 

The strength of these headphones is their adjustability and how long they can be used. Some helmets can be worn by children from 3 months to over 2 years old. 

The Baby Banz and EMS headphones have an attenuation of 26 dB. The EMS helmet is a hearing protection baby 6 months to adolescence. The Baby Banz is a hearing protection baby 3 months up to 2 years. Both headphones have an adjustable, lightweight and soft headband for optimal comfort.