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Hearing protection differs depending on your morphology, which changes according to age. Find what you need in our selection, whether you are looking for ear defenders for babies or other hearing protection for adults.


  • Baby (0-18 months)
  • Children

    Children’s ears are particularly sensitive, and they are much more affected by loud noises than adults.
    To be safe, children should not be exposed to sounds over 80 dB.
    On, you will find a selection of ear defenders for all children, from birth to adolescence. We have special ear defenders for babies, ear defenders in bright colours for concerts (so that you can keep an eye on them), and ear defenders with a specific ergonomic design, in soft material and fun colours so that even the most fussy children won’t mind wearing them.

  • Adult
  • Ear plugs

    Audilo is the cheapest ear plug specialist in France, with over 1000 kinds of ear plugs available and in stock.

    To help you to choose the most suitable ear plugs for your needs, you must first select the reason you need them (music, swimming, DIY, sleeping, etc.). Next comes the material and desired noise reduction level : from the basic disposable foam ear plug, to reusable hearing protection with changeable filters.
    We offer ear plugs to protect your hearing against water, motorbike noise, hunting noise and loud music, and even to help you sleep !

  • Ear defenders

    Find our complete range of ear defenders.

    Noise ear defenders for all ages: from birth to 18 months with Earmuff headphones will give you complete satisfaction. For children you will appreciate the EDZ Kidz and Peltor Kids noise cancelling headphones.

    For adults, whether for work, DIY, concentration or sleep, we offer noise-cancelling headphones in a variety of shapes and with different attenuation levels from 20 dB to 37 dB. The 3M range with Peltor, Moldex or Uvex will protect you from dangerous sounds. For professionals, schools and large volumes we have specific prices.

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