Baby sleep

Here are all our products that will assist you at night time and help you to get your new baby to sleep.
‘Baby white noise’ generators are a tool that is sure to make your life easier.
They are highly effective in helping your newborn to fall asleep.
We also offer baby monitors designed for people with a hearing impairment (vibrating cushion, video or flash of light).

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Products like the white noise generator or baby monitor system will make your day-to-day life easier.

Advantages of white noise for babies:
Babies are very sensitive to the noise around them, and masking any bothersome noises can help them get to sleep more quickly and improve their sleep quality.
Newborns are used to the sounds in the womb and to being around noise constantly, so this white noise will remind them of this period.
They will therefore be calmed and more likely to fall asleep and sleep for longer.

What’s more, using white noise or a sound generator is totally safe. These generators are made under supervision by doctors and the technologies used have been tried and tested for decades now.
We offer the Sound Oasis and Marpac versions: both international brands and leaders on the sound machine market.

All our baby safety and surveillance products are suitable for people with a hearing impairment, as they are equipped with vibrating, flashing and video functions.
The brands Watch and Care, Switel and Amplicomms offer exemplary quality and accessibility.