Amplicall system

With Geemarc and its products, all linked via the Amplicall system, you can keep track of what is happening in your home thanks to flashing lights and vibrations.
Be notified of any event in your home thanks to its specific receivers. Several receivers can be connected to the same transmitter.
You can even have several transmitters for several rooms in the house, though the transmitter is generally light and transportable.

Active filters

The Amplicall system boasts excellent value for money, perhaps even the best on the market.
You can acquire quality products for hearing accessibility for deaf people or people with a hearing impairment for around just one hundred pounds.

The Amplicall system by Geemarc is made up of a transmitter and a receiver (or several) for deaf people or people with a hearing impairment.
Whether you want to be notified of an incoming phone call, the doorbell ringing, your baby crying or your smoke alarm going off, this is the perfect system.

All these products can be connected to each other easily. There are around ten products available on our website to fulfil all your needs.