Wireless radio system

Wireless systems for people with a hearing impairment are a priority here at Audilo.
They make everyday tasks easier and keep you notified in all situations. Is your baby crying ? Is there someone at the door ? You’ll find out straight away.

There is a range of systems and brands available to meet your needs : Amplicall, Lisa by Humantechnik, Aviso and other systems that are just as effective, some of which are aimed at professionals.

Active filters

Wireless communication systems for people with a hearing impairment.
These systems can be made up of various transmitters (baby monitor, presence sensor, call receiver, etc.) and a receiver. You are notified when a sound event takes place in your home.
The receiver may consist of a light, vibration or an amplified ringer.

Here, you will also find the most professional, high-quality, cutting-edge hearing comfort and accessibility products.