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Senior smartphone

Smartphones for senior citizens have all the functionalities and performance of the latest traditional smartphones. As they are aimed at an older audience that is less accustomed to using technology, they have been simplified for a more intuitive user experience.

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Senior smartphones

These products make a wonderful gift for anyone wanting to stay up to date and have a high-quality mobile device.
Our smartphones are made by the biggest brands specialising in telephones for senior citizens, including Switel, Doro, Maxcom and Amplicomms.

We recommend these phones as they are easy to hold and come with a host of features: two high-quality cameras (front and back), an SOS button (SMS and emergency call) and sound amplification.

The characteristics of a senior smartphone:

This type of phone is designed for people who want a smartphone that is easy to use.
Traditional smartphones (Samsung, Apple, etc.) come with a host of settings that need to be adjusted.
The phones sold at Audilo are selected because of their ease of use.

Brands like Doro, Switel and Amplicomms strive to meet senior citizens’ needs, so their phones feature an amplified ringer, intuitive access to all functions (SMS, calls, video calls, photos, camera, volume for both ringer and calls, and SOS buttons).

You can even download apps, if you so wish.

These phones work with an operating system known as Android, which is one of the most popular systems in the world and is updated regularly (it is found in phones by Samsung, Huawei, One Plus, Google, etc.).

Who are senior smartphones for?

They are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spent hours configuring their phone and who worries about making a mistake when adjusting its settings.

Their simple, fun aspect makes them very easy to use.
These telephones look like traditional smartphones.

The app display and characters are large, which makes the phone easy to use and ensures accessibility for those with a visual impairment.

All the features you need are ready to use in the smartphone and easy to access.