Flip phone

All the best flip phones for senior citizens on the market are here on Audilo. Discover models by quality brands like: Switel, Doro, Samsung, Maxcom, Thomson, Telefunken, Amplicomms and Geemarc.

Their shape makes it easy to answer a phone call and hang up. They are highly portable and perfect for senior citizens.

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The flip phones at Audilo are high-quality, easy-to-use, accessible devices.
They are highly practical: you can answer a call and hang up just by opening and closing the phone.

What’s more, when the phone is closed, the time and other indicators are still visible, so you don't have to open it again. Most of these phones are also equipped with a camera and SOS buttons.

Audilo is the hearing specialist, so our phones are suitable for people with a hearing impairment or trouble hearing.
These phones therefore have a sound amplification feature and are compatible with hearing aids.