According to use

Each ear plug is used for a different purpose. Whether it is reusable or disposable.
Everything is designed to fit the situation and to meet high quality standards, so that your hearing is protected and your ears are kept safe.


  • Music & Concerts

    The law imposes a maximum noise level of 105 dB during concerts and in night clubs, but even at this level, just 45 minutes of exposure is enough to damage your hearing!
    It is therefore important to protect yourself. In this category, you will find our selection of musicians’ ear plugs with filters by the biggest brands: Etymotic, Alpine, Macks, Quies, Pacato...

  • Sleep & night

    Noisy neighbours ? Snoring partner ? Or just sensitive to noises from the outside? We all need hearing protection to be able to sleep sometimes !
    Sleeping with ear plugs also encourages deeper, more restorative sleep.

  • Transport & plane

    In this section, you will find ear plugs that will help you to travel more comfortably. There are anti-noise ear plugs to reduce noise volume on public transport or while you’re a passenger in a car, and special flight ear plugs, equipped with an active valve that compensates for the differences in pressure upon take-off and landing, which can cause a feeling of blocked ears and, in some cases, internal ear pain.

  • Motor sports tracks

    Enjoy your favourite motor sports at the track thanks to our ear defenders, with active or passive hearing protection.
    Chat with your friends and keep up with 100% of what’s going on while staying protected against engine noise at motor races like the Le Mans 24 Hours, Formula 1 and the MotoGP circuit thanks to our radio headphones.

  • Works & multi-uses

    In this category, you will find our selection of multi-purpose hearing protection ear plugs: silicone, foam or thermoformed plastic, sold by the pair or in bulk. Choose from over 100 items!
    All the biggest brands of anti-noise ear plugs are here: Mack’s, Moldex, Peltor, Quies...

  • Hunting and shooting

    In this category, you will find passive and active ear defenders: effective hearing protection against very loud noise.
    The electronic ear defenders will amplify the sound of your environment while protecting your hearing.

    During hunting, fire arms produce sounds of up to 160 dB, which is loud enough to damage your hearing permanently if you don’t use the right hearing protection.
    At Audilo, you will find a wide range of hearing protection for hunting at the best prices.

  • Ear plugs for...

    When you’re on your motorbike, the noise can be dangerous for your ears when you ride for over 30 minutes at 80 km/h.
    So, it is important to protect them, but not with any old ear plugs.
    In this section, you will find a selection of specific anti-noise ear plugs for motorbikes, with filters that can mask wind noise but let through the sound of your motorbike and the traffic to ensure safe protection!

  • Swimming ear plugs

    For some, swimming is not always fun: the water that enters the ear can cause irritation or the feeling of a blocked ear. If the water in the ear canal cannot escape, the ear may become inflamed or, in the worst cases, get infected and develop external otitis. Protecting yourself when you have fragile ears is therefore essential for your health!

    In this section, you will find ear bands, disposable silicone ear plugs and reusable thermoformed plastic ear plugs

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