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Hearing amplifier

Hearing amplifiers are different from traditional hearing aids, as they are preconfigured.
These hearing amplifiers can be provided without a prescription, so there is no need to consult an audiologist.

Hearing amplifiers are only recommended for moderate hearing problems.
Currently, they are not reimbursed by social security. They are, however, cheaper than hearing aids, at less than €450 in general.

From a technical point of view, they are made up of a microphone that captures sound in the environment, which is then amplified in the wearer’s ear.
One last detail: the amplification is limited to 20 decibels.

Active filters

Hearing aids are medical devices that come in several forms: hearing aid, cochlear implant, hearing amplifier, etc.

Their main job is to amplify exterior sounds. It is important to take time to correct hearing loss, so as not to suffer more than necessary. Becoming hard of hearing can cut you off from your loved ones.

Taking care of any hearing trouble can also prevent some diseases and help you to stay alert for longer.