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Filters are an essential accessory for your hearing aid : they protect your hearing aid from the wax that can accumulate there naturally.
Our filters offer an effective barrier for excellent hearing aid performance. They form a barrier against wax, moisture and foreign bodies.

Regular maintenance of your hearing aid prevents poor performance and malfunctions.

Active filters

The wax guards available at Audilo are by the following brands: Starkey, Oticon, Siemens, Widex and Phonak.

They ensure regular maintenance and better performance for your hearing aid.
Replacing the wax guard is good for your hearing aid.
This element protects it from moisture, dust and excess wax, so that the volume remains audible and you don’t have to turn it up.
This improves your hearing aid’s long-term performance.

Easy to handle and replace. We advise you to change them regularly, in accordance with your audiologist’s device.

They keep your hearing aid well maintained and are compatible with all the hearing aids on the market.