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Hearing aid domes are highly important for your hearing comfort.
They can get worn quickly and replacing them ensures good hygiene, better hearing performance and a longer life for your hearing aid.
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With our domes, your hearing aid will always be impeccably clean.
This is important for your hearing comfort, as long-term use of your hearing aid leads to ear wax accumulation.

Composition: their malleable, hypo-allergenic plastic is always certified by the medical authorities. They are equipped with a wax guard to protect the earpiece.

What’s more, they are extremely easy to replace.
You don’t clean the dome; once it is damaged or dirty, you replace it. We advise you to replace it every six to eight weeks.

Please note: there are various models and sizes of dome available!

If you are not sure which dome you need for your hearing aid, we advise you to seek information from your audiologist.