LISA radio system

The LISA radio system by HUMANTECHNIK enables the user (with a visual or hearing impairment or deafness) to visualise and stay informed of sounds around the house: intercom buzzer, door bell, phone, mobile, baby crying, fire alarm, or any other alert.
The advantage of the LISA radio system is that it connects all sound sources to one or two receiver elements.
Thanks to its radio transmission, the LISA system offers total freedom of movement for optimal comfort. The user can find out what event is happening thanks to a portable beeper or a flashing receiver.
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Lisa wireless signal system with radio transmission:

At least one transmitter and one receiver are required for the LISA system to work. Transmission takes place via radio waves or through the home’s electrical network.

LISA radio transmitters:
Here is a list of the most commonly used Lisa radio transmitters for standard use (self-installation)
A-2433-0 Lisa radio smoke detector
A-2466-0 Lisa radio acoustic doorbell transmitter
A-2468-0 Lisa radio baby monitor transmitter
A-2463-0 Lisa radio galvanic telephone/fax transmitter
A-2473-0 Lisa radio acoustic alarm transmitter
A-2441-0 Lisa radio doorbell button
A-2440-0 Lisa radio person call button

LISA radio receivers:
Here is a list of the most commonly used receivers. You can choose several or the one that suits you the best.

The different features include: flash , portable vibrating alert, sound alarm (acoustic receiver).
Also available accompanied by a vibrating cushion or alarm clock (reference A-3303-0).

A-2414-0 Lisa radio flashing light mains
A-2415-0 Lisa radio white flashing light with battery and mains
A-2416-0 Lisa radio red flashing light with battery and mains
A-2412-0 Lisa radio powerful flashing light
A-2413-0 Lisa radio powerful flashing light with icons
A-2409-0 Portable vibrating radio receiver (beeper + don’t forget charger)
A-2418-0 Lisa radio acoustic receiver
A-3250-0 Lisa radio digital alarm clock DS1 - RF
A-3240-0 Lisa RF Time radio vibrating alarm clock
A-3243-0 Lisa RF Time Flash radio light-up alarm clock in silver