Children’s ears are particularly sensitive, and they are much more affected by loud noises than adults.
To be safe, children should not be exposed to sounds over 80 dB.
On, you will find a selection of ear defenders for all children, from birth to adolescence. We have special ear defenders for babies, ear defenders in bright colours for concerts (so that you can keep an eye on them), and ear defenders with a specific ergonomic design, in soft material and fun colours so that even the most fussy children won’t mind wearing them.

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Children’s ear plugs:

Children’s schedules can be jam-packed: they run, they play, they shout, they go to shows (fireworks, etc.)... But what about their hearing?

Children’s ears are fragile, so it is important to preserve young children’s hearing with ear plugs made for them specifically.

Ear plug brands have made a wide range of products for little ones in all situations (swimming, flight, multi-purpose).

These ear plugs are made with the size of the child’s ear in mind, so as to fulfil all their needs. So, children’s ear plugs are easily inserted into the ear canal, without causing any discomfort or itching.

This way, they will be protected from noise that could affect their hearing. Most of the ear plugs we sell are reusable, with excellent noise reduction levels.

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Ear defenders for babies?

Even children can be exposed to loud noise that damages their hearing.

Examples include at concerts, at festivals, at fireworks displays, during renovation work at home, or even during dinner with friends.

There are two types of hearing protection for children: ear plugs and ear defenders.

Ear defenders are a great way to protect your child’s ears. We even offer ear defenders for babies, from birth to 18 months.

They are called EMS Earmuffs and take the form of a headband (in a wide range of colours) with two protective ear muffs. There is no risk of the ear defenders squeezing the child’s ears too tightly, as you can adjust the headband to the size of their head.

Ear defenders for babies are in high demand and are often out of stock.

And for children?

Our range of ear defenders for children is a bit more varied than the one for babies.

These children’s ear defenders are rigid, foldable headphones, rather than just a headband.

They take up very little space and protect your child’s ears. By popular demand, we offer ear defenders in a variety of different colours (black, blue, pink, yellow, green, white, etc.). These ear defenders’ flashy colours will enable you to spot your child easily in a crowd (at a concert, festival, football match, etc.).

When you buy them, they might be a bit tight as they are new, but they will soon loosen slightly. To loosen them, you can place them between books overnight. After that, the child should be able to wear them with ease, with no compression or discomfort.