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Professional accessibility

Did you know ?

From 2015 onwards, every public-facing establishment has been required to be adapted for people with disabilities.
Our company, Audilo, specialises in B-to-B services, providing products for the installation of made-to-measure induction loops in large rooms.
Whether you want to kit out a reception counter, equip a large room for a one-off event or permanently, prepare a guided tour or make your establishment secure, you will find all the products professionals and fitters require here.

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Audilo can provide all the elements you need to cater for people with a hearing impairment in your public-facing establishment.

Who is affected?
Hearing accessibility requirements affect all trades, whether you are an architect, a builder, an electrician, or the director of a public establishment (nursery, school, college, public administration, etc.) or an association.
They also affect retailers and liberal professions, as well as any buildings that receive the general public: cinemas, theatres, hotels, retirement homes, bed and breakfasts, etc.

We also have all the communication systems needed for visitors to follow the information given in museums and conference halls.

What we do:
After examining your needs and your infrastructures to be equipped, we will provide a quote to ensure compliance with accessibility regulations, including an installation plan, an equipment installation team and training to use the equipment.

Audilo has 9 years of experience in hearing accessibility, both with individuals and with companies.
We can provide equipment for rooms from 50 m2 to huge concert venues (3000+ m2).

From the project design and implementation to installation and setup, we will be at your side with our comprehensive service, to make sure your new equipment will work effectively in the long term with high acoustic quality.