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Sennheiser HD 569 headphones with wired

Headphones can play many roles in different daily activities. Whether it's listening to music or making and receiving phone calls, the Sennheiser HD 569 audiophile headphone can do it. This model of wired noise isolating headphones meets the expectations of users looking for maximum sound isolation.

Functions :

As one of the leading brands in headphone design, Sennheiser offers you high-end products. Are you an infrequent user or do you have a thin ear? The Sennheiser headphones HD 569 are designed to fit your style of use.

The design: the headset designers have introduced a padded headband to avoid the problem of cranial pressure felt during use. In addition, the headphones are fitted with ear cushions to optimise the user's comfort while enjoying a real listening experience.
Cabling and compatibility: The Sennheiser HD 569 headphones have two types of detachable cables, each 3 m long, to which a 6.35 mm copper-based jack plug is connected. The jack plug allows you to connect to your hi-fi system. It should be noted that these headphones cannot be connected to Bluetooth. Instead, you can use it for your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Here are the various features of the headphones Sennheiser .

Sound quality: The Sennheiser HD 569 wired headphones are distinguished by the quality of the sound they produce. This is because they deliver exceptional sound quality thanks to Sennheiser's proprietary driver technology and Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement design.
Autonomy: You have nothing to worry about with regard to the autonomy of the headphones as they do not have a battery. It can work straight away for hours if you connect it to a stand.

Why choose the Sennheiser wired headphones?

At first glance, the Sennheiser HD 569 headphone jack are sure to appeal to you. Thanks to its lightweight, yet robust design, you can use these headphones to enjoy real comfort throughout your activities. Although they belong to the wired category, these headphones ensure a pleasant listening experience, even during long journeys.

What do you get?

When you purchase the Sennheiser headphone, you will receive :

• A cable with a button to control the microphone and receive phone calls;
• A jack plug to connect the headset with your media.

Headphones type Headset style
Warranty 24 months
Connexion Digital Wired
Version Solo
Category : Audio headphones Brand : Sennheiser


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