Hearing aids

Discover our range of products to maintain your hearing aid.
Regularly cleaning and drying your hearing aids will help your BTE or ITE hearing aid to last longer.
To clean it, use cleansing wipes, sprays with brushes and effervescent tablets (for the in-ear part) regularly.
Use our drying capsules to remove any moisture from your hearing aid.


  • Hearing amplifier

    Hearing amplifiers are different from traditional hearing aids, as they are preconfigured.
    These hearing amplifiers can be provided without a prescription, so there is no need to consult an audiologist.

    Hearing amplifiers are only recommended for moderate hearing problems.
    Currently, they are not reimbursed by social security. They are, however, cheaper than hearing aids, at less than €450 in general.

    From a technical point of view, they are made up of a microphone that captures sound in the environment, which is then amplified in the wearer’s ear.
    One last detail: the amplification is limited to 20 decibels.

  • Cleaning

    There is a wide range of accessories available for you to take care of your hearing aid.
    We highly recommend these cleaning tools to keep your hearing aid hygienic.
    Brushes, wipes and cleaning tablets are useful accessories for maintaining your hearing aid day to day.

  • Drying

    Our accessories for drying your hearing aid are ideal for maintaining your hearing aid day to day.
    Moisture is the worst enemy of this type of device. 

  • Domes

    Hearing aid domes are highly important for your hearing comfort.
    They can get worn quickly and replacing them ensures good hygiene, better hearing performance and a longer life for your hearing aid.
    Find all our quality products for a wide variety of hearing aids here.

  • Filters

    Filters are an essential accessory for your hearing aid : they protect your hearing aid from the wax that can accumulate there naturally.
    Our filters offer an effective barrier for excellent hearing aid performance. They form a barrier against wax, moisture and foreign bodies.

    Regular maintenance of your hearing aid prevents poor performance and malfunctions.

  • Hearing aid accessories

    Discover our selection of compatible accessories for the biggest hearing aid brands: Widex, Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Starkey, Beltone, GN resound.
    Whether you want to maintain your hearing aid or be more comfortable day to day, browse our range of Bluetooth TV transmitters, wireless phones, and much more.
    These products are sometimes usable with a compatible hearing aid by the same brand and with the help of an audiologist.
    This is why some items are sold exclusively in our showroom, as they require assistance from an audiologist to make them work. 

  • Sound amplifier

    Sound amplifiers are devices that amplify the sounds around you so that you can hear them better. Whether through an ear piece or a device with standard or stethoscope-style headphones, you can amplify all the sounds around you.
    Feeling fatigued momentarily?
    The hearing amplifier provides a solution for all everyday uses. The aim of the hearing amplifier is not to correct a hearing impairment.
    It is not suitable for hearing loss, or associated problems. Should you be experiencing hearing problems, please contact an ENT doctor.

Active filters

Hearing aid batteries are a technological marvel

Whichever your brand of hearing aid (Siemens, Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, GNhearing, etc.), the ITE or BTE is as small as possible for greater hearing comfort.

Hearing aids can be expensive, so here are some tips to take care of them and make them last as long as possible:

  • Avoid moisture as much as possible (use drying tablets or drying boxes for this purpose)
  • Clear the ear moulds and casings regularly with a special hearing aid cleaning spray
  • Remove any dust, as this might obstruct the tubes
  • Open the battery drawer on your hearing aid in the night so as not to waste the battery
  • Have your audiologist clean and check your hearing aid once a year.