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Audionova InFlight 15 dB Travel Earplugs

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Audionova Flight 15dB Earplugs

Have a great time during your flight with Audionova Flight ear protection.


Although air travel may seem like a benign situation, it can result in levels of noise disturbance far above the tolerable thresholds for an individual's health. At 80 or 85 dB and with your attention elsewhere, sound penetrates the ear and anaesthetises your auditory senses, which can cause irreparable damage over time. In addition, prolonged exposure to noise in a confined environment such as an aircraft can cause irreversible damage. In order to remedy this, it is strongly recommended to protect yourself.

What could be more natural than protection for your ears? Audionova Flight earplugs have a filter with special membranes. These reduce ambient noise by about 15 dB and also act on changes in cabin pressure during flight. Audionova flight hearing protectors have been designed to provide peace of mind and unparalleled comfort during flight. The certainty of being protected by a phonic cocoon and experiencing an incomparable feeling of security is a luxury within everyone's reach.

They can be worn all day long; while waiting in the airport lounge, at the boarding gate or on the plane. They minimise background noise from engines, other passengers, multimedia devices and much more. However, these earplugs do not prevent you from having and following a conversation with neighbours if you wish.

Unlike most conventional hearing protection, the Audionova flight lets your ear breathe, feels natural and adapts perfectly to the environment, allowing you to find peace and quiet before take-off and guaranteeing peaceful and comforting moments throughout your journey.

The Audionova flight has no electronic components, so you can use it at any time while you are on board. This means that you can be sure that you will not be bothered by interference or other problems related to waves. You are safe to use them and do not take any risks. This can be extended outside the device because the primary quality of these protections is to protect you from any noise.

Features :

  • Acoustically tested and approved
  • Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands
  • Includes a carrying case


Strong and reliable Audionova flight earplugs are reusable. When using them for the first time, make sure that you have received all the necessary components for the device to work properly. Also check that the size fits your ear. In case of malfunction and if none of the three sizes provided suits you, contact us, you will receive, upon request, a size adapted to your needs.

In order to increase the life and effectiveness of Audionova Fight hearing protection, it is strongly recommended to wash the earplugs in hot water after each use. Easy to use, these hearing protectors provide acoustic safety and protection during your daily travels. Please note that these Audionova fight hearing protectors are reusable, can be washed in hot water between uses and are supplied in 3 different sizes.

What do you get?

  • 2 reusable earplugs of each size
  • Size: small - medium - large
  • 2 acoustic filters
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 aluminium storage box
  • 1 key ring attached to the box
Data sheet
Noise reduction
Low (12–20 dB)
Use as ear plugs

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