AudioNova Swim Earplugs

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AudioNova Swim Earplugs

Swim safely with the AudioNova Swim earplugs!

Functions of the AudioNova Swim earplugs: 

Why is it important to choose hearing protection specifically for swimming?

If you swim regularly, you spend a long time in the water. But your ears deserve your full attention. Hearing protection is essential and, unfortunately, is all too often neglected. In fact, frequent swimming weakens the ears. Your ear canal is exposed to the water and humidity during your swimming session. In addition, the water temperature is colder than your body temperature and remains in your ears at all times.

Finally, it is common for water to remain in the ear after swimming sessions. No matter how hard the sportsperson tries to get rid of it, by bouncing or tilting their head from one side to the other, the water doesn’t always completely disperse. There are always a few drops left in the ear canal, sometimes causing discomfort for several hours after training.

But it’s these few drops that will weaken the ear and lead to infections and otitis.
Swimmer's ear is a well-known ailment among pool users. It affects the ear canal through excessive exposure to water. Swimmer’s ear can become chronic and seriously debilitating for athletes and amateurs. Using the AudioNova Swim earplugs will alleviate this problem.

That is why it is crucial to be concerned about hearing protection and use swimming earplugs.

AudioNova Swim earplugs are suitable for both intensive and leisure swimming. Even when swimming at high speed, the earplugs will not move and will ensure hearing protection.

One advantage of the earplugs is they do not isolate the swimmer from sounds. The swimmer can still hear what is going on around them. In addition, if they take a break from doing lengths, they can also participate in a discussion and hear the other swimmers perfectly.

The AudioNova Swim earplugs are made of thermoplastic, a material that is soft on the skin and ear canal. The earplugs don't irritate the ears when putting them in, when wearing them or when removing them.

The earplugs can be reused for several sessions. So, hearing protection is very simple. There are only advantages to using AudioNova Swim earplugs.

Characteristics of the AudioNova Swim earplugs: 

  • Reusable
  • Made and designed in the Netherlands
  • Very light attenuation

Use of the AudioNova Swim earplugs:

How do you use the AudioNova Swim earplugs?
Ideally, the earplugs should be inserted before your compulsory shower prior to entering the pool and removed when returning to the changing rooms.
The earplugs are inserted into the ears one after the other. You insert them into your ear with a special tip. There is no need to force or push the earplugs in too far. They fit perfectly in your ear. Placement happens naturally.

You will immediately feel if you have put them in correctly.
The earplugs obstruct the ear canal without giving you the feeling of blocked ears. They are perfectly watertight. You can go swimming without worrying about your earplugs. You won't feel them during your session.
When you remove your AudioNova Swim earplugs, rinse them with clean water if possible, let them air dry and then put them back in their case, to protect them from bacteria.

What do you receive with your AudioNova Swim earplugs? :

When ordering your AudioNova Swim earplugs, you will receive the following in your package:

  • Two AudioNova Swim earplugs
  • An instruction guide
  • A storage case
  • A tip for putting the earplugs in

Noise reduction Low (12–20 dB)
Type Adult
Material Thermoplastic
Category Ear plugs
Usage Swimming
Use as ear plugs Reusable
Category : Swimming ear plugs Brand : Audionova


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