Aftershokz Openmove Wireless

Aftershokz Openmove Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

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Openmove: The wireless bone conduction headphones by Aftershokz that combine comfort and safety.

By bringing together quality and practicality, the Aftershokz wireless bone conduction headphones enable you to listen to whatever you want while moving around, as their name indicates.

Function :

The principle behind these wireless audio headphones is simple: you can use them to listen to your favourite music via a Bluetooth 5.0 system. Their bone conduction technology is designed to maintain the maximum amount of musical sound without attenuating external sounds. This way, you can listen to your music while keeping your ears free to hear any sounds that might indicate danger (cars beeping, etc.).

The Aftershokz Openmove headphones provide a painless, intrusion-free listening experience, as they sit on top of your ears. Thanks to their hook system, they stay in place while you are moving, which makes them perfect for sport sessions. With their titanium band, polycarbonate ear hooks and rubber joins, no sweat or dust can get inside and damage your headphones.

On top of their sublime, avant-garde design, these headphones also offer an ergonomic shape that is friendly on the skull and keeps them in place without any pain. These headphones are positioned on the back of the skull, going over the ears and staying in place with the ear hooks at the temporal bones. They emit vibrations through the earphones, which travel through the bone to reach the inner ear.

Listening to headphones with your ears unobstructed… A concept that seems unbelievable, but it is true. The Openmove’s dynamic stereo system guarantees a superior-quality audio experience, in comparison to ordinary earphones. These headphones are also highly practical, as the vibrations can be turned up or down according to your movement. Another important detail: most ordinary earphones let some sound escape, which can be irritating for those around you. No need to worry with these headphones: the people around you will not hear a thing.

Characteristics :

  • Audio headphones with bone conduction technology

  • Titanium band

  • Polycarbonate ear hooks

  • Water resistant (IP55 certification)

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Weight: 29 g

  • 6 hours of battery life from 2 hours of charging

  • Standby time: 20 days

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz

  • Sensitivity: 100 ± 3 dB

  • Microphone: -40 dB ± 3 dB

  • Compatible profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP

  • USB-C

  • 2-year warranty

  • Dual mic with noise cancellation

  • Wireless range of 10 m

  • LED indicator: Red – charging Bright blue – charging complete

Use :

As well as listening to all your favourite playlists with these audio headphones, you have access to a built-in calling system. Answer your calls with them and you will enjoy stable, clear voice quality while keeping your hands free.

The Aftershokz Openmove headphones are equipped with dual noise-cancelling mics, so that you can hear and talk with crystal-clear sound quality. The bone conduction concept was invented by a man with chronic hearing loss. If you wear a hearing aid, these headphones will not interfere with it. You will finally be able to hear your favourite music clearly.

The Openmove headphones are also great for learning a language. You will learn more quickly by listening to the language and hearing yourself repeat the words, so that you can improve your pronunciation. There are four buttons on these headphones: two volume buttons, a multi-function button, and a power button.

With these easy-access buttons, you can control the headphones manually. For example, with the multi-function button, you can skip the song or pause it. Depending on how you press the button, you can answer a call or refuse it. The headphones are equipped with a special system to guide you: the Audrey Says™ system.

There are three ways of using your Aftershokz headphones :

  • Standard mode: for outdoor use.

  • Human Voice mode: ideal for listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

  • Earplug mode: to be used when you want to wear earplugs during train or plane journeys.

    Finally, you can charge your headphones with ease thanks to their USB port. The charging time is 2 hours max. for 6 hours of listening time.

What do you receive ?

    • 1 Aftershokz Openmove headphones

    • 1 USB charger cable

    • 1 pair of earplugs

    • 1 quality carrying pouch

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