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Audilo Classic earplugs

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Audilo Classic reusable earplugs.


Audilo has been selling earplugs for over 10 years now. Today, we are proud to present our Audilo Classic earplugs: a multi-purpose product born from our experience and your feedback.
We have designed Audilo Classic to be the leading earplugs on the market, with a perfect design and made from soft yet sturdy material for repeated use over time. The Audilo Classic earplugs are easy to store away (in a compact closable case) and to clean, so you can take them anywhere with you!

Did you know that prolonged exposure to noise over 85 decibels can have serious consequences and even cause hearing loss? An average conversation is around 60 decibels. Today, we can often get into situations where the ambient noise is too loud for our inner ear to handle. It is therefore important to take preventive measures to protect your hearing with one simple gesture: wearing earplugs.

The Audilo Classic earplugs are multi-purpose and offer an average noise reduction of 23 decibels.

These earplugs boast an ergonomic double-layer design, with air pockets that act as extra insulation. Their shape is suitable for 80% of men and women. They are made from soft, washable, hypoallergenic silicone,  which protects your ears without causing any discomfort and lasts for years.

The technical part:

Audilo Classic are full-block earplugs. This means that their closed membrane does not let through any sound frequencies (or, rather, all frequencies are attenuated, without filters). They therefore reduce noise by a considerable amount and can also be used to block out the water. The Audilo Classic earplugs are long-lasting and sturdy and made from a soft, smooth material for extra comfort (moulded as a whole, with no parts that can detach in the ear).

As for size: simply choose the right colour!

You will receive 3 complete pairs of earplugs. To find the right one for you, each size comes in a different colour: the S ones are transparent, the M ones, blue, and the L ones, white.
You are sure to find the size that suits your ears in your box of Audilo Classic earplugs.

You can keep the other sizes for a family member (adult or child) or for a friend.

Just like made-to-measure earplugs, Audilo Classic earplugs are highly discreet and disappear once inserted into your ear canal. These earplugs come with a carry case.

In terms of usage, Audilo Classic are suitable for any situation:

  • Travel: Many of us suffer from the changing air pressure in planes and on trains. The Audilo earplugs will prevent this feeling and allow you to take long naps to reduce the jet lag effect.

  • Swimming: Swimmers often suffer from ear infections, linked to the cold water in swimming pools. These Audilo earplugs can prevent the water from entering your ear canal while you are swimming (without blocking out all noise entirely).

  • Reading/concentration: It can be difficult to get away from noise and read in peace and quiet. The Audilo Classic earplugs will reduce the noise levels around you so that you can enjoy some calm and serenity.

  • Gardening and DIY: Gardening and DIY activities tend to be very noisy, as they use tools to drill, dig and even sand. The Audilo Classic earplugs reduce bothersome noise effectively.

  • Working: Whether you work in a shared office space or from home, it can be difficult to concentrate properly with all the noise around you. Audilo earplugs offer you the ideal noise reduction without cutting you off from the rest of your team.

  • Sleep: The Audilo Classic earplugs are the ideal way to keep out bothersome noise during the night. They reduce ambient noise by 23 dB, while allowing you to hear your alarm clock. Heavy sleepers will therefore have no problem getting up.

  • Motorcycling: People can sometimes forget how vulnerable their hearing is on the road. With the Audilo Classic earplugs, your ears will be protected from the wind, but you can still hear radio communications and traffic to stay alert.

  • Event venues: Audilo Classic earplugs immerse you in every musical experience, while reducing the noise level for your safety.

This list is not exhaustive: Audilo Classic can be used for a host of other situations.


  • Reusable more than 100 times!
  • Made in Europe (Netherlands)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Smooth surface
  • SNR 23 dB
  • Small size (5–10 mm) – transparent
  • Medium size (6–11 mm) – blue
  • Large size (7–12 mm) – white
  • 2-year warranty


How do you insert earplugs into the ear? : Pull on the top of your ear, then place the earplug in your ear with the other hand. Only the tab should be visible outside of the ear canal. To remove the earplug, pull gently on the tab.
After each use, don’t forget to clean your earplugs.

How do you clean Audilo earplugs? To remove any wax that can accumulate naturally, clean the earplug gently with warm soapy water. You can also use a cleaning/disinfectant spray like the Audilo Spray 110 ml (sold separately).

Tip: store your earplugs in their carry case after each use to make them last as long as possible. This way, you can use them more than 100 times!

What do you receive?

  • 1 pair of size S Audilo Classic earplugs (transparent)
  • 1 pair of size M Audilo Classic earplugs (blue)
  • 1 pair of size L Audilo Classic earplugs (white)
  • Storage case
  • An instruction manual
Data sheet
Noise reduction
Low (12–20 dB)
Use as ear plugs

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