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Audilo Dreamz earplugs

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Audilo Dreamz reusable earplugs for sleeping (SNR -24 dB)


The Audilo team is proud to present its new sleep earplugs, called Audilo Dreamz. These earplugs are the product of years of experience in hearing protection, accumulated since 2008. We have designed them based on your feedback to make sure they fit your needs. These simple, effective earplugs and their high-quality filters (-24 dB) help you to drift off into a natural sleep by blocking out troublesome noise and letting through natural ambient sounds.

Did you know? A lack of sleep can have harmful consequences on your health in the long term. An INSERM study showed that, on average, 1 in 3 people in France have trouble sleeping.  As well as stress, noise can be a significant trigger for sleep problems.

Sensitivity to noise differs from one person to another, but as a general rule, sleep tends to be disturbed when the noise level reaches 30 dB.
Audilo Dreamz earplugs could be the answer to your problem, with an average noise reduction of 25 dB.

Audilo Dreamz reusable earplugs are made from thermoplastic: a comfortable, hypoallergenic material that adapts to your body temperature, avoids overheating your ear canal and prevents any irritation.

The acoustic filter in the earplug:

  • Means you will not be completely isolated from the sound around you. So, you will be able to hear your alarm clock in the morning or your child crying during the night.
  • Lets air into the ear canal, thus preventing the unpleasant blocked ear feeling and resonance in the ear. It is important for the ear canal to be able to breathe, so these earplugs can be used repeatedly (unlike wax earplugs or other kinds of earplugs, which can cause earwax blockages).

The acoustic filter is 100% removable: you can choose the size of your earplug tip (M is grey, L is green) and insert the filter.

☞ Did you know? Using earplugs frequently can cause wax to accumulate and the ear canal to be damaged. Unlike ordinary foam earplugs, Audilo Dreamz sleep earplugs have been designed with an ergonomic shape that lets air into your ear canal and preserves your ear hygiene.

Audilo Dreamz sleep earplugs are ideal for:

snoring, noisy neighbours, traffic outside your home, trips on public transport, etc.


  • 100% acoustically tested.
  • Reusable more than 100 times.
  • SNR: 24 dB
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Certified ISO 9001 
  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Size M (6–11 mm), in grey
  • Size L (7–12 mm), in green


How do you insert noise reduction earplugs? Simply pull on the top of your ear gently to open your ear canal and use your other hand to insert the earplug.

You will receive two sizes of earplug. Check which is right for your ears. The grey earplugs are medium size, while the green ones are large. Removing the filter is easy: simply pinch the earplug gently so that the filter pops out. Make sure you position it correctly (the red part should be inside the earplug).

To remove the earplug from your ear, pull on the tab on the end.

We recommend that you clean your earplugs with a damp cloth after each use, then place them back in their case. This way, they will last as long as possible.

What do you receive?

  • 1 pairs of size M earplug tips (grey)
  • 1 pairs of size L earplug tips (green)
  • 1 pair of Audilo Dreamz acoustic filters
  • 1 reusable carry case
Data sheet
Noise reduction
Medium (21–24 dB)
Ear plugs
Use as ear plugs

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