Audilo Music earplugs

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Audilo Music reusable earplugs for musicians (SNR 18 dB)

Want to experience music at its best without harming your hearing? This is now possible with the Audilo Music earplugs!


Over 10 years of experience in selling earplugs have gone into the design of our Audilo Music earplugs, for lovers of music of any kind. They offer essential yet innovative features such as soft noise reduction for music (-18 dB) and a full block mode (-28 dB) if your ears need a break during concerts or festivals. The Audio Music earplugs bring all the pleasure of sound and total safety, as your hearing is precious and must be preserved.

This hearing protection is equipped with a modulable acoustic filter. When it is open, it offers 18 dB noise reduction, ensuring crystal-clear sound. When your environment gets too loud, you can close the filter, increasing the noise reduction level to 28 dB.

These earplugs are reusable and composed of an audio filter and removable memory foam. This gives them several advantages over the competition:

  • Comfort: Ultimate comfort with soft, malleable foam.
  • Size: Adapts to all ear and ear canal sizes (100% guarantee that the earplug will fit your ear).
  • Durability: Comes with 2 pairs of foam, so you can use them for longer by just changing the foam.

This way, you can use your earplugs for hours on end without any irritation, and you can even activate the full block mode if you need it.

Thanks to their rigid case, your Audilo earplugs will always be at hand and protected from any damage from the weather.
An optional neck cord can also be provided; this way, you avoid losing them and can activate the full block mode (a useful feature during music festivals when you need some quiet time, especially during loud concerts).

Unlike traditional disposable earplugs, whose noise reduction leaves a lot to be desired, Audilo earplugs transmit exterior sound at just the right frequency, without any distortion.

The Audilo Music earplugs are ideal for:

  • Concert-goers: Noise levels in concert venues generally reach 100 decibels, which can damage your hearing in just 15 minutes. Audilo Music earplugs with acoustic filter allow you to enjoy your concert to the max without putting your inner ear at risk unnecessarily.  

  • Musicians and singers:  The ears are musicians’ most precious tool, but they can easily be damaged.  Many musicians suffer from tinnitus after hours of rehearsals. Regular exposure to very loud noise is dangerous for your hearing and can cause presbycusis (accelerated ageing of sensory cells). Audilo hearing protection for musicians offers flat attenuation, so you will hear all the nuances in the music.

  • Parties and night clubs: No more ringing in your ears after hours of dancing and having fun in a loud environment. In bars and night clubs, the average noise level is 104–112 db, and it can get even louder. Audilo Music earplugs are highly discreet when in your ear. You can continue to share quality time with friends while protecting yourself against potential hearing damage. 


  • 100% acoustically tested
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Certified ISO 9001 
  • Reusable, washable foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • SNR open mode: 18 dB
  • SNR full block mode: 28 dB
  • One size only (7–11 mm)
  • 2 pairs of foam earplugs/1 pair of filters


How to insert the earplugs: lift the top of your ear to place the earplug in your ear canal correctly. Thanks to its memory foam technology, it will adapt to your ear easily.

How to remove the earplugs: simply hold the rigid filter (ergonomic tip for easy handling) and pull gently to remove the earplug from your ear.

Maintenance: regular cleaning after every use is required to make your earplugs last as long as possible and to maintain good ear hygiene.

What do you receive?

  • 1 pair of Audilo Music earplugs
  • 1 pair of additional removable foam
  • A neck cord (with full block position)
  • Storage case
  • Instruction manual
Data sheet
Noise reduction
Low (12–20 dB)
Use as ear plugs

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