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Emergency call

Emergency call

Hearing aid compatible

Hearing aid compatible

Senior mobile phones

Browse our amplified mobile phones and smartphones for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment.

These flip phones offer amplification levels of up to +40 dB. You will find specific features like an SOS button, ergonomic design with large buttons and an easy-read screen.
The menus are simple and easy to use.
The biggest brands that offer senior mobile phones are all here: Doro, Geemarc, Amplicomms and Kapsys. Contact us for more information.


  • Flip phone

    All the best flip phones for senior citizens on the market are here on Audilo. Discover models by quality brands like: Switel, Doro, Samsung, Maxcom, Thomson, Telefunken, Amplicomms and Geemarc.

    Their shape makes it easy to answer a phone call and hang up. They are highly portable and perfect for senior citizens.

  • Senior smartphone

    Smartphones for senior citizens have all the functionalities and performance of the latest traditional smartphones. As they are aimed at an older audience that is less accustomed to using technology, they have been simplified for a more intuitive user experience.

  • Traditional telephone

    In this category, you will find our entry-level phones that fulfil the needs of senior citizens. They are easy to use and come with large buttons and speed dial.

  • Telephone accessories

    Find all our accessories for senior phones, such as audio headphones, induction loops, wireless Bluetooth headphones and other devices like visual alarm clocks, wireless vibrating cushions and call indicators linked to a phone.

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Mobile phones for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment:

The mobile phones selected by Audilo are perfect for people with a hearing impairment or hearing loss.
Whether you are a senior citizen or just a hearing aid wearer, our mobile phones come with amplified volume, from 25 to 40 extra decibels, for extra comfort.

If you wear a hearing aid, amplified mobile phones will allow you to communicate more easily by increasing the volume of your phone conversations (speaker volume). What’s more, mobile phones for people with a hearing impairment have a loud ringtone, up to 80 decibels, and a vibrating function. Whether it’s a smartphone or an ordinary mobile phone, the volume filters from +24 dB to +40 dB increase the volume while maintaining good quality, to achieve maximum comprehension.

Our flip phones and other kinds of phone are amplified and come with specific functions:
Big, clear buttons for dialling numbers.
3 easy-to-see speed dial buttons.
What’s more, many senior mobile phones come with an SOS button, which either dials a certain number or sets off an alarm, depending on its settings (this function can be deactivated).

Other characteristics of senior mobile phones :

Senior mobile phones have large, clear buttons for better number readability.
Their screen is wide and their menus are easily legible and simplified, with large icons.

There are a number of different types of senior phone:
- Flip phone for senior citizens: the screen is more protected. Easy to keep in a handbag or around your neck.
- Bar type: the classic phone shape.

These mobile phones for seniors and people with a hearing impairment aim to remain easy to use while offering the latest technology.

So, you will find phones with built-in Wi-Fi, plenty of memory, etc.

None of our mobile phones for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment are locked to any particular network: they are therefore compatible with all operators.