Crescendo Sleep earplugs

Crescendo Sleep earplugs (25 dB)

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Crescendo Sleep reusable earplugs

How do you sleep better?

One of the answers to this question is a suitable sound environment. Thanks to the Crescendo Sleep earplugs and their acoustic filters you can have a good night sleep.


The Crescendo Sleep hearing protectors are perfectly suitable for sleeping and sleeping better (day or night).
The purpose of the Crescendo Sleep filters is to allow you to return to natural sleep with active hearing (as you will hear your morning alarm for example). Natural sleep is achieved with our ears open, but a reduced low sound environment , this is what the Crescendo Sleep earplugs reproduce with a 25dB attenuation of the sound environment.

From a design perspective, the earplugs are discreet and transparent. Also the hearing filters are small and flat (they don't stick out from the earplug.) This allows you to sleep in any position with no discomfort.

From a technical perspective, the earplugs have a high-tech acoustic filter which filters out the “annoying” sounds while keeping the sound environment active. With your earplugs, you will hear sounds, but much lower (the annoying noises that you want to eliminate will be strongly reduced by the filters and mixed into the sound environment) which will allow you to no longer hear them, in order to fall asleep naturally.

Other advantages, the filters allow the air to pass through the ear canal, the ear is therefore not blocked (no feeling of interior resonance) and which prevents earwax plugs and lets the skin breathe.

Ideal for reducing the sound of snoring, noise from the street, noisy hotels, people who work nights can sleep during the day with these special earplugs.

These earplugs last a long time, you can clean them with a dedicated brush spray or warm, soapy water. You can reuse your earplugs from many months or even several years if you look after them correctly and carefully.
The earplugs come with an aluminium carrying case, essential for not losing your earplugs and for taking them with you on your travels (plane, train, hotels, holidays).


  • Attenuation: 25 dB
  • Use: for sleep
  • Earplugs with filters (air circulates)
  • Certified in accordance with CE and ANSI standards
  • Very resistant earplugs
  • Suitable for all types of ears: 4 sizes of earplug available
  • Aluminium keyring carrying case.


The Crescendo earplugs come in two sizes (medium and large), insert the filters in the size that suits you the best, if however you want a S or XL size then you just need to contact Crescendo to receive the correct size in the post. You will be sure to find the right size for your ear canal!

To insert the Crescendo Sleep earplugs, follow the instructions, the earplug's conical shape allows you to position them ideally without pressure in the ear canal.
These earplugs are also suitable for children from 5/6 years old with the XS size on request.

What do you receive?

x1 Pair of removable filters
x2 Pairs of transparent earplugs (medium and large)
x1 Aluminium carrying case
x1 Instructions in French

Data sheet
Noise reduction
Medium (21–24 dB)
Ear plugs
Use as ear plugs
Conformity guarantee

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