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Amplicomms: Amplified Phones for Seniors

For over 25 years AUDIOLINE has designed and manufactured phones of all kinds for a large European customer base.

Quality, design and service have always been the pillars of our mission of excellence, making it possible for us to win new customers and new markets every day.

We really hope that the PowerTel range will capture your full attention.

Our objective:
To design and supply amplified phones and other innovative products to improve the quality of life of millions of users with hearing or visual impairments, at affordable prices.

A little background, Audioline, the German phone manufacturer, started manufacturing amplified phones about a year ago after the owner lost their hearing!

So they decided to start with a blank page and produce what could be done better.

By analysing the existing products on offer, Amplicon has designed what it does best today!

Not only Powertel amplified phones which are excellent quality; (the best on the market!) but they also offer solutions that nobody else can offer!