Audilo hearing aid cleaning spray

Audilo hearing aid cleaning spray 75 ml (75 ml net of cleaning product)

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Brush spray cleans hearing aids, earplugs and earmoulds.

Cleaning spray that effectively eliminates traces of earwax and cleans.


Cleaning hearing aids is very important for the maintenance and service life of your hearing aids. This is also the case for earmoulds (or hearing aid domes) and earplugs (bespoke and/or hearing protectors with traditional tips).

The hearing aid cleaning spray has the same use as the hearing aid wipes, in a way (and will guarantee impeccable hygiene of the products in contact with your ears).

For example, properly cleaned and maintained earplugs will last for many years! (on the contrary, without regular maintenance the tips can fall into disrepair, the material hardens and you will no longer want to put these tips that won't seem clean into your ears ).

The Audilo hearing aid cleaning spray can clean the surface of hearing aids and earplugs. In addition to cleaning (earwax), the Audilo brush spray can cleanse your hearing aid by eliminating bacteria.

Cleaning spray for hearing aids and hearing protectors comes in the form of a bottle with a removable brush. The spray as a whole contains 110 ml (including 75 ml net of cleaning product), the remainder being the device. Some brands call this a 110 ml spray, at Audilo considering that there is 75 ml of product we call this spray: Audilo 75 ml brush spray.

The audio ear spray replaces the following sprays (or pharmacy hearing aid cleaning spray): Quies audio spray, Audika cleaning spray, Cedis cleaning spray, Amplifon cleaning spray, Conseil hearing aid cleaning spray, Audioline hearing aid cleaning spray, Afflelou hearing aid cleaning spray, D7 hearing aid cleaning spray, Newson Bross’Net 110ml spray or Ront ITE cleaner.


  • Brush spray 110 ml gross/75 ml net product (Bross'net 110 ml equivalent)
  • For ITE and BTE hearing aids
  • For earplugs and earmoulds
  • The cleaning spray meets the requirements of Regulation (EC) n° 648/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004 on detergents.


The spray will quickly dissolve earwax on your hearing aids or hearing protectors and make them clean.

  • For hearing aids: Use every night after removing your hearing aids
  • For earplugs: use after each use

Instructions for use:

  1. Ensure that the brush is correctly in place on the Audilo spray
  2. Point the brush at your hearing aids
  3. Spray for the first time to saturate the brush with the cleaning solution
  4. Carefully brush the external parts of the hearing aid/earmould
  5. Remove excess liquid with a tissue
  6. Let it dry for 2 minutes before putting your hearing aids away

Tip: put down a small tissue so as not to let the liquid run on the table

Precautions for use: Be careful not to spray/clean the inside of your hearing aid’s battery drawer to avoid damaging its circuits and/or microphone.

What do you receive?

x1 Audilo 75 ml Spray (110 ml capacity including 75 ml net of active solution)


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