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Kanguru sound pillow with speaker and 3.5 mm jack

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Kanguru Goodnight sound pillow

Standard-size sound pillow with speaker and 3.5 mm jack.

The Kanguru Goodnight is a pillow that plays your chosen sounds, through a connection to your audio device.

Functions :

Suitable for soothing tinnitus or simply for relaxation purposes. You can connect your audio device to the Kanguru sound pillow (via its 3.5 mm jack) to fall asleep to the sound of gentle music or to block out any troublesome noise stopping you from sleeping.

You can also use this sound pillow to listen to the radio or an audio book. With this sound pillow, you can fall asleep while listening to music without bothering your partner, as only the person with their ear on the pillow can hear the sound. It is also ideal for people who suffer from insomnia, as you can relax and listen to your favourite audio content without waking the rest of the house up. Listening to music helps your brain to disconnect, so that you can nod off.

Through the 3.5 mm jack, you can connect the pillow to any mp3 device, TV, sound generator or smartphone.

Music is a highly effective way of soothing tinnitus at night, as sounds played by the pillow catch your ears’ attention so that you can no longer hear your tinnitus. In other words, it tricks your ears and distracts you. The pillow can be used as sound therapy for tinnitus, or simply to rebalance your nervous and emotional system.

Characteristics :

  • Pillow made from soft polyester fibres (50% cotton – 50% polyester, 100% hypoallergenic), external fabric polycotton.
  • Extra-slim speaker.
  • Dimensions: 75x45x15cm
  • Standard 3.5 mm jack socket.
  • 120 cm cable.
  • No need for batteries.
  • To be used with a standard pillowcase.
  • Compliant with current standards.

Use :

Place a standard pillowcase around the Kanguru Goodnight pillow.
Connect it to your music device and adjust the volume.
The pillow will then be ready to help you relax by playing your desired audio.

You can use the Kanguru Goodnight pillow in the following ways :

  • For listening to your music, audio books, and favourite radio stations.
  • As part of treatment against the bothersome effects of tinnitus.
  • For insomnia.
  • For creating a comfortable space without bothering anyone nearby.

What do you receive ?

  • 1 Kanguru Goodnight full-size pillow: 75x45x15cm
  • 1 120 cm audio cable
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