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Noisy neighbours ? Snoring partner ? Or just sensitive to noises from the outside? We all need hearing protection to be able to sleep sometimes !
Sleeping with ear plugs also encourages deeper, more restorative sleep.

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Noisy neighbors, snoring couples, or just sensitivity to small noises outside, we all need hearing protection to sleep. Ear plugs sleeping allows you to enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep. Falling asleep easily is a real issue for many people of all ages, from babies to adults. Nowadays, there are different ways to sleep without problems. Audilo offers a wide range of products to suit your needs and expectations.
Audilo offers different types of sleep aids:

  • Masks
  • Nasal dilators, anti-snoring trays or sprays.
  • Anti-snoring headphones for babies - Sound cushions - Silicone, foam or wax earplugs. Ear plugs remain the best way to get a good night's sleep.

There are several brands that allow us to offer you different types of hearing protections to meet your needs: Audilo, Audionova, Acoufun, Crescendo, Alpine, Decibull, Pluggerz, Ohropax, Quies, Mack's and Moldex.

Why using ear plugs for sleeping?

Sleeping earplugs are hearing protectors that reduce ambient noise by 25-35 dB and are designed to act as a barrier between external noise and your eardrums. Sleeping ear plugs allow you to eliminate or reduce annoying noise without isolating yourself from the outside world and find a way to protect your hearing. Ear plugs for sleeping allow you to suppress unpleasant noises and eliminate background noise.

Sleep ear plugs are ideal for hearing-sensitive people who tend to wake up during the night and are light sleepers, improving the quality of their sleep. With the best ear plugs for sleeping you can find at Audilo, you won't hear wind noise or the barking of the neighbor’s dog during the night. In short, you will no longer be disturbed by outside noise and you will be able to spend peaceful nights.

Earplugs for sleeping protect your ears from snoring, so that your partner or friend doesn’t irritate you. Lack of sleep can increase your stress and put you on edge. Ear plugs sleeping help you to block out environmental noise, but also keep you relaxed during the day. Sleeping earplugs fit easily in your ears and allow you to get a good night's sleep without being disturbed by your ear plugs sleeping during the night. The ear plugs for sleep we propose in our website shop can protect from 25 to 35 dB.

For light isolation, we propose earplugs for sleeping which reduce noises at 25 dB. This type of earplug is ideal for parents of young children or for those who live with elderly people who need help.  The sleeping ear plugs with total isolation, 35 dB, will allow you to hear nothing and spend your nights in peace.

Our products:

The sleep ear defenders we offer are made of different materials, silicone, wax and foam, to suit your needs and preferences and take care of your ear canal. There are disposable and reusable sleeping earplugs. You can reuse your earplugs by washing them to prevent dirt build-up and protect your hearing. We offer ear plugs to block out snoring, that are suitable for adults, but also for children from the age of two and a half. With these practical and lightweight sleep ear plugs, you will discover the pleasure of trouble-free sleep and peaceful sleep.

You will no longer have problems falling asleep thanks to the earplugs and you will enjoy your nights in comfort all night long thanks to our sleeping ear plugs. To choose the right sleeping earplugs for you, you need to consider how you use them, where you live (whether you live in the city or the countryside), whether you want ear plugs sleep that isolate you completely or just a little, and whether you prefer disposable or reusable sleeping ear plugs.

You should know that sleeping with earplugs is safe if you maintain good ear hygiene and you can also find comfortable ear plugs to sleep on our shop Audilo. However, you should be aware that earplugs sleeping can lead to an addiction to sleeping silently.

How to put your earplugs for sleeping 

Sleeping earplugs are quick and easy to put in. The earplugs for snoring should always be clean and shouldn’t be wet when you use them. First, it is advisable to wash your hands and dry them before using the sleeping ear plugs, so that no dirt gets into the ear. Next, widen the ear canal by grasping the earlobe and pulling the earplugs sleeping slightly outwards and upwards, then gently push the sleeping earplug into the canal with a twisting motion.

Finally, to remove the ear plugs sleep, again with clean hands, follow the same steps as when you insert the earplug but with a slight twisting motion while pushing outwards.

Which sleeping earplugs should I choose?

To find the right earplugs for you, we offer all kinds of ear protector for sleeping to suit your needs. If you want to have a deep sleep and therefore not hearing anything around you, you can use foam earplugs for sleeping. These foam earplugs will prevent you from hearing outside noises during the night and will allow you to have a good quality of sleep. At Audilo, you will find foam earplugs that protect you up to 35 dB. Be careful, foam earplugs are not reusable, so please throw it away after your first use.

However, if you want to use earplugs while being aware of your surroundings, like a baby crying, you can also find reusable earplugs at Audilo. These types of anti-snoring ear plugs are usually equipped with an acoustic filter that allows air to enter the ear canal while allowing you to hear ambient noise slightly. These sleeping earplugs are preferable to conventional foam earplugs for sleeping if it used regularly. We can combine the earplugs for sleeping with the night masks to enjoy a perfect sleep in total darkness if for example if there is a light that needs to be left on.

What about stress?

For those who suffer from stress, we propose earplugs that generate very natural sounds and ambient noise to help you relax. These earplugs for sleeping are also recommended for people suffering from tinnitus.


Audilo is constantly looking for the best manufacturers of hearing protection to satisfy its customers; that is why you will find the best brands availables on the market: our main brand Audilo, but also Quies, Pluggerz, Sound Oasis, Mack's and others …