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Noisy neighbours ? Snoring partner ? Or just sensitive to noises from the outside? We all need hearing protection to be able to sleep sometimes !
Sleeping with ear plugs also encourages deeper, more restorative sleep.

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Getting to sleep:

It can be hard to get to sleep, due to factors like stress and ambient noise.

We do not recommend ear defenders for sleeping, as their weight and bulkiness may bother you as you sleep. You would not be able to sleep on your side, and they would put too much pressure on your ear canal all night long.

We have the solution to block out bothersome noise and help you to achieve the silence you need for a restorative night’s sleep.

Ear plugs! They offer effective hearing protection, insulating your ears from outside noise. There are all sorts available – for children, adults, for different uses (swimming, concerts, music, sleeping) by different brands, such as Quies.

We have made our website easy to use so that you can find the product that fits your needs quickly and easily.

In the ear plugs for sleeping category, we offer all sorts of products that could suit you. Most of the time, wax or foam ear plugs will be effective, but some people dislike them. For these people, we have the Pluggerz Sleep ear plugs: as their name suggests, they are specifically designed to help you sleep, even in a noisy environment!

You can even combine them with a sleep mask for a restful sleep (for example, if someone else is watching TV or a light needs to stay on, sleep masks will plunge you into total darkness).

For an even better sleep, if the person next to you snores and disturbs your sleep, Audilo offers anti-snoring pastilles and mouth sprays.

And for stress?

If you can’t sleep due to stress, rather than ear plugs, we offer ambient noise and sound generators. They give off natural, soothing sounds and can also be used by frequent sufferers of tinnitus.


Audilo strives to find the best hearing protection manufacturers to fulfil our customers’ needs. So, you will find all the best brands available on the market here: Quies, Pluggerz, Sound Oasis, Mack’s, etc.