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Quies earplug discs, peace of mind both day and night.

Active filters

Products to protect your ears

For more than 80 years, this brand has contributed to people’s well-being and their protection by delivering comfortable products related to the health of your ears.

The aim is to provide all the necessary care for your ears so that they aren’t affected by hearing impediments (hearing loss or ruptured eardrum).

Likewise, Quies products will bring you peace and calm by reducing noise at different attenuation levels, so it will be easier for you to fall asleep and sleep without noise.

This brand not only distributes the well-known Quies earplug discs, but a whole range of ear hygiene products. There are:

Noise-cancelling hearing protectors

This hearing protection section relates mainly to Quies earplug discs, well-known by everyone, but there are various earplug materials:

  • Oval-shaped foam earplugs, with 35 decibel attenuation make it possible to limit noise disturbance, several colours are available, but the attenuation remains the same.


  • The natural wax earplug disc is wrapped in a thin layer of wool so that the wax doesn’t feel unpleasant on contact with your ear canal. They are easily malleable and reduce on average 27 decibels. 


Then there are other types of Quies earplug discs which are suitable for various everyday situations:

  • There are soft silicone earplugs without a filter which are reusable, they can be washed by rinsing them under water with soap. They are made up of a cord and small flanges to hold them in place when you insert them in your ear.
    Mainly used by people working in warehouses, industry, construction etc. Thanks to the small cord, you should be able to regularly remove and replace the earplugs without losing them. In addition, the 26-decibel attenuation enables you to work in noisy places safely as the sound will be reduced but not switched off:

boules quies cordelette silicone

  • Swimming hearing protectors are available in sizes for adults and children, these do not reduce sounds but protect your ear canals from water that could get into your ears (very useful for children who have grommets or ear infections).
    Indeed, with this type of Quies earplug disc, it’s best to still be able to hear well in order to stay alert of what's going on around you. The malleable silicone material can be moulded to the shape of your ear canal; the aim not being to insert them deep inside your ear canal but to block your ear so that water cannot get in:

  boules quies natation adulte enfant

  • Likewise there are also silicone earplugs for air travel with an anti-pressure filter, very useful for take-off and landing, you can also use them to stay calm on the plane if you have someone next to you who is a little too noisy. Available in 2 versions, adult and children:

 boules quies avion adulte enfant

And the active silicone earplugs with intelligent sound attenuating filters:

  • Quies Music will allow you to get sound attenuation of around 15 decibels with very high precision sound thanks to their acoustic filters.
    Sound reproduction will be linear, and you will be able to enjoy the music without risking hearing loss or tinnitus effects. These earplugs are reusable.

 boules quies music silicone

Ear hygiene:

Quies provide products other than the Quies earplug discs, which are both very efficient and safe for your ear canals, such as the ear spray for ear canals.
The Doculyse, Docuspray and Docucalm sprays are there to help you eliminate and prevent earwax on the earplugs. 

Ear picks:

  • Called Otospoons, the distinctive feature of these ear picks is that they have one plastic tip and another standard tip with cotton (which makes them more efficient than the normal cotton bud).
    First use the plastic side to easily remove the excess earwax, the cotton side allows you to carefully clean your ear canal.

cure oreille quies otospoon


The ear spray is a product that will allow you to easily clean the ears. Depending on the product, the effects will not be the same.
Note that these products have been tested under the supervision of an ENT specialist.

  • Docucalm can quickly soothe itching and also allows the skin to regain more suppleness and comfort. 
  • Doculyse dissolves earwax from earplugs and helps stop it from forming.
  • Docuspray is for everyday ear hygiene and eliminating earwax residue.

  quies doculyse docuspray docucalm

Skin protection:

Wipes are also available at Quies, these can be used in different situations such as treating insect bites or nettle stings (FlashFrais bite relief) or wipes for superficial burns (FlashFrais superficial burns).

  • Quies FlashFrais Mosquito repellent 
  • Quies FlashFrais bite relief (to relieve and prevent scratching)

 quies flashfrais anti moustique apres piqure

Anti-snoring solutions:

Nasal strips:

  • For those who can’t get to sleep because someone else is snoring, you can find products to solve this problem at Quies, these products are available in the form of a patch which are see-through nasal strips, which make breathing easier and improve nasal air flow:

quies bandelette nasale anti ronflement

Nasal Dilators:

  • These are small tips which you place in the nose and will act as a retractor to optimise the flow of air and nasal breathing, the results will be: A decrease in snoring, a decrease in nasal congestion (colds, allergies) and better breathing when sleeping. The nasal dilator is available in 2 sizes: small and large.

Anti-snoring Lozenges:

  • Available in different flavours (mint, honey-lemon, citrus), these lozenges will allow a large amount of film-forming agent to be released which, by a lubricating mechanical action, will limit the sound vibrations of the soft palette.

 quies pastille anti ronflement

Anti-snoring oral spray:

  • This product will allow a film to be spread over the whole palette in order to facilitate air flow and prevent vibrations.
    Therefore a decrease in snoring.
    This spray is only available in honey-lemon flavour

quies spray buccale anti ronflement

Anti-snoring nasal spray:

  • This fragrant spray with a pine and eucalyptus scent will facilitate your breathing during sleep.
    The product contained in the spray will lubricate the nasal passages and improve air flow.

spray nasal quies anti ronflement

Sleep mask:

  • The Quies relaxation mask is a blackout mask and can be used at all times.
    If you are sensitive to light this mask will give you a relaxing feeling, of well-being and help you fall asleep.
    Its elastic strap will adjust to your head without you feeling any pressure.

masque de relaxation quies 

Ear canal inspection: 

  • The otoscope will give you an in-depth inspection of the internal ear canal.
    The otoscope’s built-in magnifying glass will provide you with an enlargement of the area to be looked at.

quies otoscoop inspection du conduit auditif


Anti-lice and nit shampoo:

  • Quies treatment shampoo has a 3-in-1 formula which will kill lice in 15 minutes from application by suffocating them, it lifts away and eliminates the nits then also washes the hair.
    A comb is provided with the shampoo to help you remove the lice and nits from your child’s hair.

quies anti poux et lentes pour enfants

Swimming headbands:

  • The Bain et Sport ear headbands are made of neoprene which ensures very good water tightness, your ears will stay dry during your swimming sessions. Its anatomical shape perfectly covers the ears and adjusts easily thanks to its hook and loop fastener.
    This product is recommended by ENT specialists for children who have grommets, ear aerators and people who may repeatedly suffer from ear infections. With its thermal material, this headband can also be used during sports such as skiing or surfing. The Quies headband is available in 2 sizes (large or small):

quies bandeaux natation néoprene  

Quies end of line earplug discs:

  • For a while Quies provided their earplug discs with an image of toddlers’ favourite characters on them, we still have a few left but in very limited quantities: 

Hello Kitty and Cars:

 boule quies cars et hello kitty

We offer a wide range of Quies products, you will find Quies earplug discs, swimming headbands, sleep masks, ear sprays, wipes, lozenges, and even sun cream.
You will find all the products below that can meet your expectations concerning your hearing well-being.