Transport & plane

In this section, you will find ear plugs that will help you to travel more comfortably. There are anti-noise ear plugs to reduce noise volume on public transport or while you’re a passenger in a car, and special flight ear plugs, equipped with an active valve that compensates for the differences in pressure upon take-off and landing, which can cause a feeling of blocked ears and, in some cases, internal ear pain.

Active filters

Travel without any hearing discomfort:

When flying, we have all felt discomfort in the ears during take-off and landing, due to the change in pressure that takes place.

The duration of this discomfort depends on the individual. For optimal hearing comfort during plane travel, it is best to use ear plugs designed for flying.

There are several kinds available, made from wax, silicone, and with or without filters. There are even flight ear plugs for children and adults, so that all the family can be protected on the way to and back from their holiday.

For occasional travel, you can use general hearing protection, like the Quies Avion ear plugs, or you can get kitted out like a pro, with ear plugs with a filter to radically reduce the pressure exerted on your ears during a flight.

Before you head off on holiday, make sure you are prepared!