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Swimming ear plugs

For some, swimming is not always fun: the water that enters the ear can cause irritation or the feeling of a blocked ear. If the water in the ear canal cannot escape, the ear may become inflamed or, in the worst cases, get infected and develop external otitis. Protecting yourself when you have fragile ears is therefore essential for your health!

In this section, you will find ear bands, disposable silicone ear plugs and reusable thermoformed plastic ear plugs

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Ear plugs for swimming

For some people, swimming is not always a pleasure: water entering the ear canal can cause irritation or a feeling of blocked ears.

If the water in the ear canal is not drained properly, the ear can become inflamed and, in the worst case, infected and lead to otitis externa (also known as "swimmer's ear"). Therefore, it is essential for your health to protect yourself when you have sensitive ears.

Swim ear plugs are available for professional swimmers and for anyone who swims for sport or pleasure. At Audilo you will find the best ear plugs for swimming, such as waterproof ear plugs, headbands, ear dryers and drying products, for all ages, for children and adults for swimming. 

To offer different protection for ear for swimmers, we propose different brands to meet your needs. Water can sometimes cause hearing problems, so it is best to use waterproof ear covers before irreversible damage occurs. If you protect your ears from water, you won't have hearing problems and you'll avoid getting an infection or ear infection.

There are two different types of earplugs you can find in our website shop and which protect ears when swimming, those without filters and suitable for water (made of silicone) and those with filters, which are swim ear plugs for children and adults, specially designed to protect ears when swimming, to prevent water from entering the ear canal. The special feature of these swimming ear plugs is that they remain firmly in place during swimming sessions.

The fact that they don’t allow water to enter the ear canal prevents the risk of otitis externa and infection. Swimming plugs not only protect the ears from water, but they also don’t isolate and allow you to continue to communicate with the people around you. They are also easy to install. At Audilo, you will find swim earplugs for children and adults from various brands: Audilo, Ohropax, Pluggerz, Audionova, Crescendo, Acoufun, Decibulls Custom, Putty Buddies, Quies, Moldex Rockets, Alpine and Mack's.

For who swim ear plugs are suitable ?

It is suitable for many water activities: swimming, surfing, kayaking and others. The earplug can also be used in the case of an ear infection, to prevent water from entering the ear canal during a shower, for example. But beware! Contrary to popular belief, divers should not use earplugs.

When diving, a small amount of air will be trapped between the plug and the eardrum. With the compression from the depth, the ear plug will eventually be pushed to the bottom of your ear canal and can damage your eardrum.

Which ear protection choose for swimming?

Like we said previously, we propose different types of ear protection from water, which respond to your need, like the frequency of utilization, with which ear protection you are comfortable or your budget. Classic foam swim ear plugs protect the ear from water. They are cheap but have the disadvantage of being disposable and completely blocking out ambient sound.

If it's for very limited use, then this type of earplug will suit you. Reusable silicone swimming earplugs with filter are also very good protection for swimming. These silicone ear plugs for swimming have the advantage that they can be reused several times (up to 100 times for most models) and, thanks to their built-in filter, they allow you to remain aware of your surroundings (sounds are still perceived by the ear). This type of product is obviously more expensive than standard foam earplugs (between 5£ and 20£ per pair). If you know that you are going to use the earplugs for swimming frequently (for example, for a week), we recommend that you choose this type of earplug.

Swimming headband can also be a solution for who feel uncomfortable with the swimming ear plugs. The headband for swimming covers your ears and protect them from water. They can also be combined with earplugs to prevent them to fall when you’re swimming.

At Audilo, you can find different swimming headband for adult or for kids, to let everyone, at any age swim without problem. 
The fact that they don't allow water to enter the ear canal prevents the risk of otitis externa and infection. Swimming pool earplugs not only protect the ears from water, but they also don't isolate and allow you to continue to communicate; with the people around, you. They are also easy to install. At Audilo, you can find different types of earplugs for swimming.
For some people, despite their passion, swimming can't always be something funny. When water penetrate in the ear, sometimes it can be some repercussion. The ear canal can be irritated from the water that penetrate in the ear. 

Drying products and ear dryers

In this category we have chosen to also offer products for the hygiene of your ears, related to swimming and water activities. Drying products are designed to help release water left in the ear and dry out excess water inside the ears. Ear dryers are devices invented by a specialist to prevent ear infections. The accumulation of water in the ear can create other problems, like infections or a decrease of hearing. That why we propose you to use swim ear plugs, but also an ear drying to eventually completely dry yours ears from water. 

The warm air that comes out of the ear drying quickly and properly removes bacteria or fungus that can build up in the ears due to moisture. It is suitable for people of all ages and can be used by the whole family.

It can be used after a shower or bath, for swimming in the sea or pool and for water sports. So, you don't have to worry about damaging your ears.

If the water isn't correctly drained, the ear can become inflamed and in the worst case infected and lead to otitis externa, known as swimmer's ear. Therefore, it is essential for your health to protect yourself when you have fragile ears. 

Swim Earplugs, swimming headbands and ear drying, if combined, will give you 100% safety for your hearing. The brands you will find at Audilo for earplugs are Mack's Eardryer and Earbreeze.    

Ear plugs can be the solution to avoid this and to let whom who are passionate from swimming, to be able to swim without thinking about consequences.